Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Reason Calvin Won't Text Me.

*I used to call my husband Calvin...when he was in the witness protection program otherwise known as N.ASA. 

Calvin has a little more time on his hands at work right now since things are so up in the air about The Constellation Project. A little update on that situation is that Congress is not happy with the plan and there is a rumor that N.ASA is coming up with a Plan B that will include the project. This is great news...but I don't know if it will really happen or not. Either way...it will take a while for everyone to come to an agreement...unless they try to rush it through like the Health Care Bill.

Anyway, sometimes lately I get lucky and Calvin will have a textual conversation with me. I still can't get him to sext with me but I'm working on it. He tells me that Engineers can't do that...not even when I use words like Hardrive and Hyperlink.

Friday, 9:42am 

Connie: If a Tauren falls in the Forrest, do resto Druids laugh?

Calvin: Funny. Did you get that from Twitter?

Connie: Yes.

Calvin:  Got the Gas bill today. It is $91.84.

Connie: Down from $192?

Calvin:Yes. Yay!

Connie: Wow! I guess keeping the heat down is making a difference.

Calvin: Perhaps, Feb was warmer than Jan.

Connie: Maybe a little.

Calvin: Regardless, I think freezing our asses off has helped reduce our bill. Thanks Connie for reducing our expenses!

Connie: You're welcome. Are you sure you don't want a snuggie??

No response from Calvin


Connie:  I found out why UTAH doesn't double coupons.

Calvin: Why?

Connie: Because in most other states only 1% are redeemed...but 3% are redeemed here. Retailer lose too much money in Utah.

Calvin: Those Mormons are always looking to save a buck. When Arby's has a two for one, guys here eat there daily until it stops. Hehe

Connie: I know!! They screwing up my grocery shopping experience!!

Calvin: ROFL

Connie: In Dallas....they TRIPLE coupons! It's Coupon Nirvana!

Calvin: Stop you are killing me!

Connie: Okay. I'll stop....


Connie: We need to get a freezer so I can buy a 40 lb box of chicken.

Calvin: Oh my, you are still cracking me up. LOL

Connie: Is that a yes or a no?

 No response from Calvin.

11:47 am

Connie: Nevermind...I don't need a freezer. Jesus is coming....

Calvin: Yup are on Fire. And no, we are not buying a freezer. If we downsize to an apartment, what then would we do with it?

Calvin: That was *You as in You are on fire.

Connie:  I got that. And you're right. I got all excited about saving $100 and I was trying trying to spend it.

Calvin: No more Texting privileges for you. I am in tears.

I think I know why I normally don't get a response.....


  1. This is awesome and it totally sounds like Jeff and I when we text each other.

  2. Wish my Hubs would interact we me this way on text... And yeah, forget sexting! You are on fire!

  3. Dont wish for the sexting...Im telling you once it starts you will wish it never started

  4. I think I've figured out why David doesn't txt me. He can't hear it when the phone beeps at him. Seriously.

  5. Mine won't even text AT ALL. You're just going to have to send a naughty pic to him w/a message and THEN maybe he'll jump on the sexting bandwagon, lol.

    Let us know if it works!

  6. I hope he never does sext with you because I know you'll relay it to all of us.

  7. I would NEVER post my sexting with my husband...what kind of freak do you think I am?

  8. I like Bobbi's comment :) Yay Connie for saving $100!!!! That's awesome! I know things are slow for Matt at work when he starts texting me :) Although I'm usually the one who ends up ignoring him...

  9. At first I misread that as $191 down from $192, and I was like "Wow, you pay awfully close attention to those bills ;) But, woohoo, $100 is AWESOME! Even if you're freezing your patoot off. Jerm and I don't text much.

  10. LOL...Liz...If we'd only saved a dollar from freezing...I'd have returned my Snuggie to Walmart!

  11. Those are hilarious! You and Calvin are too cute.

    Retailers really get 3% on coupons?? Thats crazy. You'd never find anything like that in IL. They tax the hell out of us so coupons are useless.

    Speaking of which, when is he going to make another guest appearance on your blog?

    I have my next question ready for him.

  12. Love it- such the married couple conversation- just on cell phones......

    And only one store in DFW gives 3%- Tom Thumb- and their prices were all jacked up b/c of it too!!!


  13. Those are some great conversations, just make sure he has some kleenex for the tears and laughter stifling and keep on texting him!

  14. Too funny! Steve and I don't text, we're "old school"... lol!

  15. I'm impressed your hubby will text! Mine has no clue how to do it nor does he care to.

    I'm the one who has to set up anything electronic ... it's ridiculous!

  16. Way to go on saving money on your heating bill... You rock Connie!!
    I love those text messages. Bill and I don't text each other because we share one smart phone which is really mine because I'm the one who uses it for Twitter and email. He has the really simple phone that I got him for Christmas: The Jitterbug just in case we do go somewhere seperately. We don't have a home phone either, so if one of us goes out and the other stays home and needs to get in touch he has his Jitterbug.
    We do send each other IM's though which is really funny because we are just down the hall from each other - he is in his office and I am in the bedroom. Sometimes it is like sexting, it's kind-of funny because we get silly. But isn't that what makes a marriage wonderful?


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!