Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Jake takes a Wife. Kate and Ali get a Gig

I've decided that when I watch the next season of The Bachelorette...I'm not going to read the spoilers and Reality Steve.  The other day I told Calvin that I was glad that I already knew because I'd be less mad when he picked the wrong girl.  But I wasn't....less mad.  I was still irritated and disgusted.  Next time, I'll be surprised with the rest of America.

I wasn't even going to watch the episode because of my TV conflict but then my husband needed to work so I watched it but I didn't take notes...and I missed the first 10 minutes.  I came in when Tenley and Jake's Mom were talking and within a few minutes I was misty eyed.

Tenley is such a genuinely nice person.  She just really wants to be in love again and for someone to love her.  I could see that she was liked by every member of Jake's family and that she would completely fit in with them.

Then Vienna shows up.  I just don't see this going well.  There is tension immediately and uncomfortable silence at the lunch table.  Vienna acts like a teenager going to her boyfriends house for dinner for the first time.  The family asked her why she can't get along with people and her reply was that she is brutally honest.  Jake's brother tells the camera that is the sign of immaturity.  He nailed it.  Some how...the family decides that they like her afterall...which just shocked the heck out of me.  I just can't see Vienna fitting into this family.  I see lot's of feuds with the Mom and Sisters-in-law.

On Jake and Vienna's little date...they played in the mud.  Gross.  Later she wrote him a note and gave him her Daddy ring since she doesn't need it anymore.

Tenley and Jake go on a boat and you can see that Jake isn't really there.  He's lost in thought and no doubt the mud.  He tells Tenley that he doesn't think they have physical chemistry...which he says is different than sexual chemistry.  Something tells me that Jake flunked CHEMISTRY in high school and that's why he ended up a pilot.  He hurt her feelings badly and I felt terrible for her and wanted to throw Jake off from the boat.  Tenley deserves more than he's giving her.

Jake picks a ring...I fast forwarded through this part.

Tenley takes a helicopter ride to a beautiful estate.  Jake tells her that he loves every about her and that she's perfect but he likes it rough and she's too breakable.  He walks her to the waiting car and tells her that he loves her.  She, being the wonderful gal that she is...thanks Jake for helping her love again.  This is one classy lady.

Vienna shows up, he gives her the Daddy ring back and then he proposes.

The End.

After the Final Rose.....

Jake is wearing all black, I'm guessing for all of us that loved Tenley and are now in mourning.  Tenley gets to talk to him and he tells her that there was a spark with Vienna that wasn't there with her.  He would like to be friends.  God I hate that.

Vienna comes out looking much better than she did on the show and they say that they are super happy and she's moving to Dallas.  She also denied all of the tabloid reports that she's a skank.  Yeah...right.  Then Jeffrey Osborne came out and sang that awful song.

The best part of this whole show was when they brought Ali out and announced her as the next Bachelorette!  I got goosebumps when they announced it so I must like her more than I thought I did.  Go Ali!

Dancing with the Stars!

During the shows...they announced the cast of the next Dancing with the Stars. I've watched this show off and on but sometimes I have a TV conflict and sometimes I just can't take TWO nights of this show.  I'm pretty excited about this line-up.

  • Pamela Anderson (actress/professional celebrity)
  • Shannen Doherty (Bad girl and star of 90210)
  • Kate Gosselin (MY GIRL)
  • Evan Lysacek (Olympic Figure Skater)
  • Erin Andrews (ESPN host)
  • Buzz Aldrin (astronaut and hater of the Constellation Program)
  • Niecy Nash (comedienne/actress)
  • Chad Ochocinco (crazy football player)
  • Nicole Scherzinger (Pussycat Doll)
  • Aiden Turner (Soap Star)
  • Jake Pavelka (maker of bad decisions and star of The Bachelor: On The Wings of Love)

I was really excited to see my girl Kate was chosen to be on this show!  I've missed her so much since Jon made TLC stop filming Jon and Kate plus 8.  I guess this explains her new hair do.  I professed my love for Kate and some guy that was following me on twitter started cussing me out for liking her and was calling her names and saying she slept with her body guard.  The guy thinks Jon is a freakin saint!  I blocked his @ss.....because I can like who I want to like.  It's a free country!  I supposed he likes Vienna too.

Why, or why is Jake on this show?  Doesn't he have a JOB?  A pilot job?  I hope he has two left feet.....

The show starts March 22.


  1. I bet that figure skating guy does well on DWTS. I'm not the biggest fan of either Kate or Jon, but I have to admit she's come out looking better and better than he has. I used to think she was a total witch, but he prob brought that out in her, lol. I'm glad to see she's a good parent, which is the most important thing.

    I don't watch the Bachelor, but I'm also appalled that he chose Vienna. Ick.

  2. I've been married three times and two of my husband's were very much like Jon. If I had to be married to Jon AND the mother of 8 small children...I'd lose my mind.

    YOU are the one I missed this morning in my tribe post! I knew I was missing someone.

  3. Isn't it funny that he's on a dancing show now? Tenley could have taught him all he needed to know...

  4. I don't watch, but from what I have heard, it sounds like Jake deserves her {Vienna}. I used to LOVE Jon and Kate plus 8. The girls and I watched it every Monday, faithfully. There were times that I thought Kate was pretty harsh, but with all that's come out about Jon {psycho!} Kate has really handled everything with class.

  5. I got sucked into the Bachelor last night 100%.
    And stayed up for the after the rose too.
    Ugh. Vienna needs a stylist bad and needs to cut off the entire bottom layer of dead hair.

  6. You know, I think Vienna is beautiful. Classic. Cultured. Refined.

    What's that?

    You're not talking about Austria?


  7. I think me & you were totally on the same line - our posts are almost the same today! :)

  8. I think he chose with his penis not his heart...

    Anyway I wanted Gia or Tenley to be the next bachelorette I don't really care for Ali.

  9. Connie, I'm right there with you on Kate. How she put up with that man as long as she did, I'll never know. If you really watched the shows, he ALWAYS had a horrible attitude, whiny, lazy, etc. Yes, there were several times when she went overboard with her screaming but ... hello ... now we all see what she was dealing with behind the scenes. I would have been a raving nutball. AND EIGHT kids??? You would have to be crazy organized and on top of things (like Kate is).

    ANYHOO, I so wished you and I could have been talking last night!!! (No, I'm not a stalker ... I just don't know anyone else who was watching the show!) Watching the Bachelor was KILLING me!!! Jake is a total fool. Did you catch how Vienna said, "This is the lifestyle I've always dreamed of". UMMMMM .... the guy is a PILOT. You aren't going to be lounging in exotic locations with people waiting on you hand and foot.

    And the whole family thing ... I didn't understand that 180 degree shift either!!!!! It was obvious Jake wanted them to like her but I didn't see what Vienna did or said that won them over. Can you really see Vienna waiting at home for her pilot-husband???? I don't think so ...

    Tenley seemed so sweet and kind ... I'm hoping she finds a really wonderful man who will treat her well. Jake was clearly not the one!

  10. The Olympic guy will win. They always do.

    Poor Tenley. I don't watch, but didn't people like her more than Ali? Why didn't they pick her to be on the next show?

  11. Christina!! You are my people! If you are on Facebook or twitter...please friend me!

  12. Connie,

    Here is a cute interview with Kate ... I guess she was on Jimmy Kimmel the other night?


  13. I didn't watch the Bachelor, but I am so curious to wait and see how these two "lovebirds" end up.

    The Dancing cast is very interesting, I actually want to watch a few to see how good they are!

  14. Christina!!

    Thank you so much for that link! She looks amazing! I can't wait!!

  15. I am so glad this season is over and I can get on with my life :) This was the first time I ever looked at the tabloids before the last show. I love to live in the dark and don't even watch the coming attractions in fear that it might give something away :) This season did not captivate me as past seasons have so I read the tabloids while at my sisters house (my brother in-law is a tabloid addict).

    I am very excited about Ali :) I always love watching the bachelorette more than the bachelor anyway. I can't wait!!!

    BTW...you are looking so skinny in your new profile picture!!! You look so great :) I hope you are hanging in there and not too hungry.


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!