Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Food, Dancing and LOST

Jaysey over at Crazy Daisy is throwing her  brand new linky party today! It's a really fun weekly party called Tuesday Tastes. You can link up your favorite recipe for each week, then everyone votes and the person who wins gets a cool People Choice Award button and recognition as a cool food blogger!


If you are looking for some new recipes or you have a food blog and you want to participate then run on over to Crazy Daisy and check it out. I linked up one of my favorite recipes from my food blog that I can't wait to make again. I've missed it for 3 months!

I had such a fabulous day yesterday. Martha Stewart following me on twitter, I went out and got a fabulous haircut, enjoyed a cup of amazing coffee, I moved the kids' playroom from the basement to the unused dining room and then I finished off the night with blue cheese stuffed olives and a Martini while watching Dancing with the Stars.

my new hair...I got bangs!  

Did you watch last night? I feel so badly for Kate....it's obvious that she just isn't a dancer and this is really hard for her. I thought Pam's dance was great and I always love Nicole (from Pussy Cat Dolls) and Mr. Ochochinco is pretty good too. You won't believe who BOBBI is pulling for...Jake Pavelka! She didn't even watch The Bachelor!  If Kate leaves....I'm throwing all my support behind Niecy Nash!  I just love her!

Speaking of TV...who's watching LOST with me?  Last week's episode (where we finally got some answers) was so amazing!  I cried at the end and I can't wait to see the next 7 (I think there are 7 left) episodes and finally get some freakin answers!  Do you think everyone will leave the island?  Who will Kate end up with?  Ohhhh....I can't wait!


  1. I used to want Kate to be with Jack, but now, I really want her with Sawyer- he needs her!!!

    What do you think about the island being Hell? Interesting concept isn't it?

    I really don't know how they are going to end it...and I am so sad that they are- it is like chocolate to me- I want so much more but when it is gone, then I'll really be sorry!


  2. Your new hair cut looks GREAT! SO cute Connie! Wow - you had a productive day yesterday!!! You will love having your play room in the dining room. I put my craft room in mine a few years ago and use it ALL the time. It's so convenient because it's right next to the kitchen.

    I'm a few episodes behind on Lost -- I love Sawyer! Have a wonderful Tuesday!!!


  3. Thanks for the Tuesday Tastes shout out!

  4. Becca...in the beginning we thought it was hell too. I want Kate and Sawyer together too.

    JenJen...I debated moving my craft room to the dining room but went with the playroom because I can't get my craft table up the stairs without taking it apart.

    But now the basement is my exercise/craft room.

  5. I can't wait for LOST tonight!! It's my favorite show. How did you get Martha Stewart following you on Twitter?? That's pretty cool. Love your haircut. :)

  6. Kim...she was tweeting in ALL CAPS, which is SHOUTING and I tweeted...Why is Martha Stewart yelling at me. and then she started following me! I almost peed my pants with excitement!

  7. Oh my... I got a whole post on DWTS & my thoughts...

    I'm so excited for LOST tonight... last week was so dang good with Richard... cant wait to see what tonight holds!

  8. Love the new haircut. I wish I had a basement and a spare dining room. I could really use some more space in my house.

  9. Lost is my favorite! I am so excited to find out so many answers, but also don't want it to end!! I think some of the people we love are going to die too! I hear sadness is coming and I want to say "NO NO NO!". Loving your fantastic Monday - what a great day!!

  10. LOVE the new do! You look fabulous!

    And SAWYER all the way! I heart Sawyer and Kate together!

    And DWTS- I am not a fan of Kate Gosslin, so I won't be sad when she goes. But I do love the flirty football player, he is so funny!

  11. I love the new cut! So sassy! I especially love the smile attached.

    I thought Niecy (sp?) did a great job last night.

    Sorry...I haven't watched lost since the first season. I suck...I know. You can say it.

    Have a great evening!

  12. Love your new hair! And how cool is that that Martha is following you! Well, if you don't end up on Oprah, maybe there's still hope for Martha!!

  13. Cute haircut! My hair appointment is in April and I'm looking forward to it!

    ~ Sarah

  14. LOVE your hair! So cute! I have to say I'm not surprised Kate isn't doing so well - she does look terrified out there, and as Carrie Ann said last week, she's not a 'performer' like the others are - and a control freak to boot :) If I was on there, that's probably what I would look like!

    So did you kick the kids out of your craft area? Lol! I spent hours down there last night in mine, all alone - HEAVEN. :)

  15. Ohhh M&Ms Here's one for your stash!


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!