Saturday, February 20, 2010

Home Alone....

My sisterwife had the day off from work and she took my kids out for four and a half hours.  I didn't know what to do with myself.  I can count on one hand the number of times I've been alone in my house for more than an hour in the last 4 years.  I ate my lunch (taco salad...hamburger and romaine) and then I lit some candles and turned on some music.  I wanted to read...but I cleaned the windows instead.  Then I moped the floors, vacuumed and cleaned a couple bathrooms. I even texted Calvin and tried to get him to come home for a little Afternoon Delight.....

I finally sat down to watch The Young and The Restless but I kept jumping up to clean or organize something.  I think I have a problem.....

Then, I cheated on my diet and I ate a 1/2 cup of Golden Grahams. It was soooo good!!   Then when Bobbi got back she brought more candy into my house and I had a couple jelly beans.  I was so mad at myself and my punishment was a dinner that consisted of one hardboiled egg.  I still managed to lose 1.2 pounds...don't ask me how.

This brings me to this problem that I have.  WHY?  Why couldn't I relax and do something for myself?  Why couldn't I read a book or watch a movie?  Or take a freakin nap?  My head is still reeling at how panicked I felt.  I think there must be something seriously wrong with me and I need professional help.

What would you do with 4 free hours? 


  1. I do the exact same thing when the stars align perfectly and my kids are out of the house without me. Usually I start with a big ugly task like scrubbing the shower then work myself around the house doing crazy obsessive things. I feel like I have to do everything before the kids come home. I am a super doof.

  2. OH my Gosh! Why didn't I think of that! My shower is in horrible shape!!

  3. I tend to waste too much time on facebook when my kids are out of the house. Well, to be honest, I waste too much time on facebook even when the kids are IN the house! LOL...Seriously, I know exactly what you are talking about. I feel the insatiable need to clean on the rare occasions that I'm in the house alone. I don't know what comes over me because God knows I don't feel that need any other time!! LOL!!

  4. I'm a FB junkie too, so when my kids are gone with Steve I try really hard to stay off the computer and get something done. Funny though, I feel like if they all come home and the house looks the same as it did when they left, then I must have been slacking off... even though that was whole point of the break. LOL!

  5. I am the same way! I have the hardest time sitting down and watching anything without being on the computer or working on a project. There is always so much to do -- it makes me feel guilty.

    But how fun for you to have some time by yourself!


  6. What a relief to read your post and accompanying comments to know that I'm not alone in my ridiculousness!

    You shouldn't be too hard on yourself, though. Clearly cleaning helps you feel good about things, so roll with it! When you need to rest, you'll rest.

    Having said that, I totally understand how you feel. It used to drive Hubs crazy that I couldn't just sit still and enjoy the silence. I always have to be up and doing something.

    I'm learning, though :)

    P.S. I miss you!!

  7. Jessica! The really good thing about that when you have your baby you will adjust easily to all of the stuff you have to do because you are already one of *those* moms.

    I miss you too....

  8. Now I feel really inadequate...when I am alone I have absolutely no problem napping, reading, watching tv, or any of those other things that make me a sloth.

    Good for you, tho!

  9. It's hard to let go of being busy! In theory if you sat on the couch and ate bonbons you would've been mad that you wasted that time.

    But four hours to myself at home, that's something I'd like to try. I'll give you an update if it ever happens.

  10. I do the same thing! I feel guilty if I am not productive when I finally get some time to myself. I know we all need to let go of that crazy obsessive mommy guilt. Or maybe it's just that we are so amazed at how much we can get done sans kids!

  11. I know the feeling! I don't really get time to myself, but on the small occasion that my youngest takes a nap while my preschooler is at school and the other boys are at school I feel like I have to clean like I'm running a marathon. Why do we do this to ourselves?

    Don't be so hard on yourself, it doesn't sound like you cheated too much on your diet. I was never good at dieting. I always just want the foods I can't have even more. I did however do pretty well with Weight Watchers (while I was on it.)

    I will do laundry, clean, fold, organize.......
    Mommy-itis I guess.

  13. My husband took the kids to his mom's today, so I have at least 4-5 hours to myself. Guess what I did first? CLEAN! It's so nice to be able to do it without distraction. I would have to be VERY tired to take a nap because that just makes the time go faster!

    I also visited my friend and her newborn. And now I am "relaxing" on the computer. :)

  14. Last year, before I had Deuce, I took a personal day from work and thought I'd enjoy the day home alone (after my DR appt). I did not. I nearly had an anxiety attack b/c I had nothing to do except think and worry. It's very sad that our lives are programmed to be so busy that we can't just be when we get the chance.

  15. I would sleep. A lovely, nice uninterupted nap. :) And No, there is nothing wrong with you silly! But don't feel guilty to take that time for yourself.

  16. If there is something wrong with you then there is also something wrong with me beacuse I too can count on one hand how many times I've had more than an hour to myself when both my boys are gone. It just never happens. anyhow, when it has happened I think OOOHHHH yeah relaxatiiiiiioooon. But I too . . . . cleaned! Then cooked dinner. Then baked chocolate chip cookies. lol. If you ever find out what it is that is wrong with us then drop me a note, please. : )

    btw - LOVE your blog


  17. Oooooh...4 hours!?!? I am so happy for you :) If I had 4 hours I would like to think I would sleep but I know I would be a buzz of activity, just like you ;)

  18. Did it make you happy to clean the house? If it did, then that is all that matters. Don't worry if you think it makes you weird... we all have our own quirks. I wish I had the ability to do all that housework.


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!