Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Focus on the Family: February 2010

**I will not be blogging The Bachelor today...I have enough drama in life that I can't even think about Jake. Plus, Lost starts tonight and I'm consumed with getting some freakin answers.**

Happy February! What an emotional day yesterday was.....I think the shock has worn off a little bit and I'm so thankful that I have this monthly reminder of my goals and plans so that what is really important stays in the forefront.

We are so excited to celebrate Valentine's Day!  We'll be decorating and doing crafts and Mommy and Daddy will be going on a date!  I'm enjoying my crafts to keep me busy and I'm excited to get into the meat of the Simple LIving Book Club selection...7 Habits of Highly Effective Families by Steven Covey.
Family Time....quality time together.
  • Family Outings (bookstore, movie, lunch date, ice cream)
  • Play in the snow
  • Decorate the house for Valentine's Day
  • Holiday Breakfast on Valentine's Day 
  • Read Your Child's Strengths

Kid Time....play and preschool.
  •  Play date with friends
  •  Visit TWO a new librarie
  •  Start using the Chore Chart
  •  Work on counting with Alex
  •  Make Valentine Cards
Me Time....cuz if Mama ain't happy....
  •  Time for crafting...finish felt pillow
  •  Make Valentine Garland for the mantel 
  •  Read Steady Days
  •  2010 Simple Living Book Club
Couple Time....all because two people fell in love.
  • Friday Night Movie/TV night (No World of Warcraft allowed)
  • Date Night....February 12th AND February 28th

Home Time....it's where the heart is.
  • Finish Bedroom Redo (FINALLY)
  • Clean and Organize Living Room/Home Office
  • Plan Mallory's Birthday Party 

Since I started my family journal that I jot a few sentences in each day, I've been able to really focus on the positive things that happen in our day. I'm so thankful that I have two fabulous children. They have such distinct personalities and make me laugh so much. I'm thankful that I'm home with them and hope that I will always be able to devote so much time to them. It is so important to me....

What are your plans for your family this month?  What are you going to be doing to celebrate love?  Link up your posts about your plans for the month.


  1. You still haven't finished that bedroom? That makes me giggle...you'll do it for sure this month though since you've committed to it! Loving your family focus!

  2. LOL! I committed to it LAST month too. The problem is that our bedroom is the dumping ground for laundry and toys and I can never get it cleared enough. I'm banning all toys from that room starting TODAY!

  3. Good plan. Very organized and focused. (What do I do to link up? 'Splain, please.)

  4. Im going to do this and link it up for tomorrows post!

  5. It is fun you do this every month, and a great way to stay motivated and get in all the time with the kids, the hubby, and yourself. I am so excited for LOST too! But since it is on so late it will probably be tomorrow before I watch it (10 is late to me!). :)

  6. I promise I'm going to do a post and link up. Tonight I will. After I get the laundry put away, the girls in jammies, we read stories, I get them to sleep, *and* I finish my bible lesson. Yeah, I'm going to really try. Hi, my name is Liz and I'm a blog slacker.

  7. You wear me out! I'm far too lazy to decorate for any holiday other than Christmas!

  8. Love your plan and can't wait to see finished pictures of your bedroom redo ;) Thanks again for doing this...it really helps me stay focused on the important things throughout the month!

  9. I love how you make your holiday decorations and get the kids involved in helping you decorate.
    I used to have the kids make their Valentine's Day cards, too.
    I don't get out that much and when I do, I am almost always with Bill, so I usually make my card for him myself. He always says they are the sweetest. This year my wonderful friend Stef sent me one of her professionally made cards that I can give to him - won't he be surprised; and we are going to a nice French restaurant for dinner.
    You are such a great mom and wife - I wanna be you when I grow up... oh wait, I'm older than you!! "Oh my heck"..... you know what I mean! :-)


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