Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Bachelor: Women Tell it ALL

I always enjoy the Women Tell All shows...they are usually very informative and this one didn't disappoint. The only thing that bugged me is how they jumped around all over the place on this one. My notes...are a mess. My husband worked on his laptop next to me while I watched and he said he thought this was one of the prettiest set of girls they've ever had.

The taped recapping of the season with Jake and Chris seems a little weird to me, I wonder when they taped it. He mentioned that Elizabeth was playing games with the no kissing thing and that crossed a line with him. He talked about how his relationship with Vienna blossomed when they jumped off that bridge together. And then he said what I've known all along...he and Tenley are a match made in heaven!

The segment where they showed the Bachelor Reunion Orgies in Vegas and Mexico made me really uncomfortable. But then I like how they tried to redeem themselves by doing charity work for homeless people. I still think Juan is as gay as a 2 dollar bill.

And then we begin....Chris talks about how they start out with 25 well adjusted women and that led to a segway of discussing Michele. There were several castmates that said she was scaring them and a little spacey. They put her in the hot seat and she did a pretty good job of defending herself. Because really what can she say? Chris asked the ladies twice if they did an honest edit job of Michele and everyone said there was nothing to edit...she was what she was. Bat Sh*t Crazy. Poor Michele....

I loved, loved, loved the comments that people had about Tenley. That she fell out of a disney movie, she sh*ts rainbows and dreams in cartoons. I love Tenley and she's been my favorite from the beginning and those were all completely accurate.

The comments and scenes about Vienna were right on as well. They described her as catty, drama, trailer trash and immature. They said she would say things without thinking and then apologize. After awhile...no one liked her anymore.

No one had anything to say about Ali but she defended some things she said and confirmed what I already thought...she's a mean girl. She mentioned that she needs to work as hard at love as she does her job and I would have to agree. I fully expected they were going to announce her as the next Bachelorette last night...but they didn't.

Gia took the hot seat and she said that she realizes that she didn't tell Jake how she felt and she normally bottles up her feelings. But she's learned from this experience and the next time she finds a guy to date she's going to be more like Michele. WHAT???? Oh god NO!

Rozlyn took the hot seat and it was very interesting. Earlier in the show they had discussed it a little bit and some of the girls told stories about what they had seen between Rozlyn and the producer in question, we'll call him Dave Ryan. She was obviously not in *the green room* watching the show because once Gia, Jessie and Ella told what they saw...Rozlyn said they were all lying and none of it ever happened. She says that she and Dave Ryan were just friends and he letting her use his cell phone to call her son. She also said when Chris confronted her on camera about this inappropriate behavior, she thought he was talking about the cell phone use. That's why she didn't deny it. She asked Chris to produce tape that proved what he's accusing her of and he explained that they do not roll film 24 hours a day, that there is lots of down time and Dave Ryan would know when the camera's where rolling and when they weren't. And she accused Chris Harrison of hitting on Dave's Ryan's wife in New Zealand. Are you kidding me?

So...last but not least, Jake comes out. They discuss some of the break ups and he talks about how his heart was crying and then it was telling him that one of the ladies was wonderful and then it was broken. Jake's poor heart has taken a beating!

The funniest thing of the whole night....the blooper reel. I had to rewind parts of it several times because it was so funny. I'm sure it will be on You Tube soon.

Jake says that he is happy with how the show turned out. Unfortunately, I've read the spoilers and I think I know who he picks. I hope I'm wrong.

Who do you think gets the final rose? Are you Team Tenley or Team Vienna?


EDITED: The guys name is RYAN and you can see a sexy ass picture of him HERE.


  1. Good lord, so does this mean Vienna? He will regret that decision when her family has BBQ gator and roadkill stew on the buffet at their wedding reception.

  2. I had to go to bed at 9 so I hope they have the blooper reel and Rozlyn interview online :) I am so on TEAM TENLEY but think I know that he made the wrong decision :(

  3. Okay, wait. SO THIS PRODUCER GUY HAS A WIFE??? I couldn't remember if she accused him of hitting on the producer's wife or girlfriend. If this guy is married and Rozlyn is still going after him? YUCK. That whole story line was so unbelievable. She was totally lying when she was denying the relationship.

    I fear Jake is going to pick Vienna. I just don't see the attraction to her. I was born and raised in Florida and that type of girl? A dime a dozen. Trashy, trashy, trashy. (And I say that as a proud Florida girl. Go Gators!!) :o)

    I also loved what they said about Tenley. Especially what Vienna said about Tenley possibly dreaming in cartoons. So funny! And probably true!

    TEAM TENLEY!!! (I didn't like Gia or what she said about opening up in future relationships. I don't think it is possible for her to. And Michele? Bat-shit crazy for SURE!)

  4. Christina...It's my understanding that he is separated from his wife but the new zealand trip was during Jason/Melissa season so it wasn't all that long ago. I don't believe Chris would hit on ANYONE's wife.

    Raising Z...I read about who he picked a long time ago but this source is also wrong about Rozlyn so know I don't know....

    Mrs. D....I know right. He's too nice of a guy for that.

  5. Love Tenley but I think she'll be going home with a broken heart next week (well, whenever they taped the show) and I too cracked up about the things they all said about her, it is so true, her voice is even out of a disney movie and truely I think her and Jake are a dime a dozen, they just fit, but I just don't think he's going to pick her and I think one day he'll be sorry. And OMG Rozlyn! I even knew some of the things she was going to say b/c of my favorite spoiler site but my mouth still hung wide open in disbelief at what she was saying. CRAZY! and Michele is still bat s$$t crazy! ;)

  6. PS- the women tell all has been my favorite and most exciting episode of this entire season.

  7. I gotta tell you, I don't watch this for the same reason I don't watch any soap operas, too much to follow.

  8. It was pretty interesting last night, but I wish they had cut out all the recap crap. Anyone who was watching already KNEW all that stuff. GIVE US MORE DIRT!

  9. Team Tenley for sure but it's looking like it won't be her which is too bad. I think that she is going to have more baggage after this. I feel sorry for the next guy that she's with as he will have to hear about her divorce AND Jake.

    Vienna is a Paris wannabe.


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