Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Big Fat Greek Boyfriend: Part 3

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After a few weeks of Nikki and Angelo trying to teach me Greek...I gave up.  It was too hard and I didn't want to do it anymore.  This made them angry....and the speaking of Greek in front of me became more frequent and now they were arguing with Stavros in Greek.  I knew it was about me....but he insisted that they just talk louder in their language.  I guess he thought I was dumb enough to believe that. During this time, I wrote long entries in my journal about how unhappy I was and I nicknamed his parents Ike and Tina.

I started feeling physically sick when I was at their house and would escape to my apartment more and more complaining of illness.  They started getting upset with me for not spending more time at their house and it was becoming very obvious that Nikki and I didn't like each other.  Every week, Nikki would rearrange and refold the clothes that I had at their house and one time after we disagreed about one of my outfits, she removed the items she had bought for me from the closet. 

Then we viewed My Big Fat Greek Wedding together and I panicked!  It was like I was watching a movie of my life!! 

One weekend in early March, I woke up with cramps and a migraine and got my stuff together to go home.  Nikki wouldn't let me leave.  She informed me that I could be sick at their house just as easily as mine.  We went round a few times and then I couldn't find my purse.....

I went up to Stavros room and I was crying because this bitch was holding me hostage in her house!!  Nikki followed me and decided to have a heart to heart talk with me.  She told me that I had better shape up and start liking her and liking staying at her house because Stavros doesn't do anything without her approval. If she doesn't like me I'm out of there and he will never see me again.  She told me about another woman that Stavros was involved with that didn't get along with her. I told her that woman was pretty damn lucky if she got away.  She made sure that I knew that she had all of the power. 

I told her that was fine with me because I couldn't spend another minute in her company and that if she didn't give me my purse I was going to kick her ass.  She sauntered out of the room like she'd won but I knew that I was the real winner and once she returned my purse to me, I grabbed my Hello Kitty slippers and I got the hell out of there.

Stavros showed up on my doorstep later, begging me to apologize to his parents.  I told him I was never going there again and I would never say I was sorry because I didn't do anything wrong.  He tried to tell me that things are different in his country and they haven't fully adapted to the United States.  I told him that was ridiculous because they'd lived here for 20 years.

It took me a couple weeks to figure it out but I realized that Stavros was only stopping by my apartment for an hour here and there and we weren't going out on dates anymore. I guess I didn't mind because I loved my apartment and being alone!  I asked Stavros if his parents thought we were broken up and he said yes.  They insisted that he break things off because I was never going to be GREEK. He'd been sneaking around to see me.

And that's when I told him that I didn't want to see him anymore and I packed up the few things he had at my apartment and asked him to leave.  We argued...about his parents and about our non-existent future, then he gave me my key and left crying.....

An hour later....he was back but I didn't want to talk anymore.  He stood there for and hour and a half crying and pounding on my door.  Finally, one of my neighbors got tired of it and told him they were going to call the cops if he didn't leave.

A few days later, I got a call from the manager of my apartment complex.  She said a couple had left a box for me.  I asked if they were old and had accents and she said yes.  Nikki and Angelo had returned all of my stuff.  I had to laugh as I went through the box because they gave me back their Christmas presents and stuff I had given Stavros.  Crazy people!

To be continued....THE END!

Oh yes, there's more!


  1. OMG. That is so crazy! I can't believe you put up with that for that for that long even. That poor guy is probably STILL single with a mom like that, lol. I can't wait to hear how this wraps up.

  2. LOL....this stuff is too funny (well, funny now that you are past it). :)

  3. Um, this story sounds insane! And please note: Greeks are not all crazy, I promise!

  4. Oh my goodness, they ARE crazy! I am hoping that the next post we are going to find out that they got what was coming to them. I can not stand these people. You poor thing!

  5. I can't believe that there is still more.

    Can't wait for it!

  6. More? Good grief, Connie! I'm so glad you made the escape!

  7. I have been hunting everywhere for this! Thank God I found it on Google.


  8. MORE?!

    I have a friend that is married to a Greek man. She threatens to pee on his parents toothbrushes ALL the time. She says they are horrendous people. Maybe it is a greek thing.

  9. Wow - that is nuts Connie. Nuts!!


  10. This entire story is so bizarre! Addictingly bizarre. Was she controlling b/c that's who she is or b/c she was trying to run you off? Or both?

  11. What a bunch of crazy loons! Cant wait to hear more

  12. Glad you got out of there, with your Hello Kitty slippers too! :)

  13. Connie! I can't believe it's not over yet. This is quite the saga.

  14. This is better than a soap opera. thank goodness you escaped and it's all behind you. of my hubby's best friends is greek and his parents are wonderful...sorry Stavros' weren't.

  15. This is like a soap opera :) Crazy psychotic Greek people! You are so lucky you got away from those nutsos, can't wait to hear the rest!


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