Friday, February 12, 2010

Crafting...Instead of Eating Cookies

As many of you know...I've been on a super journey to lose massive amounts of weight and change my entire life by changing my eating habits.  Since I was a little girl I've been an emotional eater and....

OH MY GOD YOU GUYS!!  Chris Gorham just talked to me on twitter again!  He tweeted this:



Then I tweeted this:


And then he said THIS:


okay...where was I?   Oh yes, I'm an emotional eater and I've been changing my ways.  I can no longer take my feelings out on a bag of cookies when things are stressing me out.  I've had to find other outlets for my stress.  I made a short list of things to replace cookie eating with and this is what I came up with.

1. Exercise

2. Sex

3. Crafts

4. Reading

5. Cleaning

Exercise and Sex had to be removed from this list because  I don't like to get sweaty and I can only call the dishwasher repair man so many times  my husband isn't always home when I'm stressed out.  This leaves Crafts, Reading and Cleaning.  I'm currently reading three books at the same that one covered.  And every time I think Calvin's going to lose this job I start throwing stuff out, organizing and cleaning.   This brings me to the craft projects I've been working on.  They were both Valentine's Day related so I was under some pressure to finish them.

I made this felt pillow by cutting out circles, folding them in half and quarters, sewing them shut...then sewing them onto a piece of felt that I turned into an envelope pillow cover.  It looks so cute on the chair in our family room....but I can't get the kids to leave it alone.

I saw this felt heart garland featured on Tatertot's and Jello and I knew I had to make one!  I didn't add as many embellishments as Frills, Fluff and Trucks did....but I think it turned out pretty cute.  This seemed to take me longer than it should have because the kids kept stealing my hearts.  And that glass vase on the had MandM's in it at one time. Note to self: Don't decorate with candy.

I've had a few people ask me if I was going to be putting my Chore Charts in my Etsy Store.  I wasn't planning on it but I've decided that if anyone is interested in one I'd be more than happy to make them on a special order basis.  If you are interested in buying one...they are $24.

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. I have seen that pillow idea somewhere on someone's blog and LOVED it! So cute, you did a great job!

    If I hadn't just made a chore chart myself, I would order one from you, I love the little reward cans!

    And...your mantle is so pretty. Well done!

    Happy Valentine's day to you!

  2. Good for you re: the substitutions list. I'm trying to diet (I mean lifestyle change). The crafts are adorable and are nudging me closer to learning how to sew a teeny bit.

  3. You rock!!! I loooooove that pillow!!! Your fireplace is gorgeous!!! And I am thinking, I could do a chore chart for the hubs, right?? ;-)

  4. You're so crafty! I wish I had time. Pining for summer vacation...

  5. Thanks guys!

    I love hand's so therapeutic. And you can do it in front of the TV.

    Calvin read my blog tonight and has asked me to put SEX back on the list.

  6. You crafty woman! I love your pillow and the heart garland is so cute!!! What are you reading these days? I just finished a really long book and am looking for something new.

    Happy Valentines Day Connie!


  7. LOVE that pillow! I'd like to say that I'm giving up cookies too, but I just inhaled two more. Sigh.

  8. That pillow is so stinkin cute!!!!

  9. That pillow IS cute... and would be totally irresistible to little hands.

  10. Jen...I'm reading Your Child's Strengths by Jennifer Fox, Steady Days by Jamie Martin and 7 Habit's of Highly Effective Families.

    But the next book that I'm going to read for fun is Love, Loss and What I Wore by Ilene Beckerman. It's short...I should read it this weekend.

    Maybe I will....

  11. Oh i so needed that Saturday morning laugh- Chris & the dishwasher repair man got me today!! Thanks!


  12. Glad to help Becca! It's a running joke because I've had a repairman here twice to fix my dishwasher but it never gets fixed.

    YAY that you're on TWITTER!

  13. Your garland turned out super cute!!

    ~ Sarah

  14. Hi! I just found your blog via my friend Sarah (Frills Fluff & Trucks). I'm totally smitten with you! I love your chore chart (in process of making my own, or I'd totally buy one. That seems much easier!) The Jesus pez cracks me up and your drinking game? Brilliant! I love Sarah Palin & Glenn Beck and living in the Seattle area, I don't get to say that too often! I'm adding you to my reader and can't wait to "get to know" you better! ~Jessica

  15. I Heart the pillow. So sweet and what a great way to curb your hunger by creating beautiful things.

    BTW I feel like a dork, but who is Chris Gorham?

  16. Love your list!
    cute ideas!
    I'm following and can't wait to see what's next.

  17. Your Valentine Garland is sooo cute! I'll have to remember your chore chart when my son gets to that age!

  18. Love your tweet from Chris!! Hooray for nice celebs!! And being cute doesn't hurt either. :)

    I love your crafts - the garland is fantastic. There are lots of exercises that don't make you very sweaty - like pilates and yoga! :)

  19. You are cracking me up with the dishwasher repairman!!

    I didn't know you were so crafty! Love that pillow and the FP garland!

    Happy Valentine's day!!

  20. I can't believe Chris Gorham tweeted about you!!

    You and these should receive compensation for being part of their day :)

  21. Thanks for linking up Connie! You are a wonderful friend!

    I hope you guys had a super Valentines Day!


  22. I love reading your blog... you always make me laugh. I love the comment about Calvin making you put sex back on the list! Too cute.
    The pillow is so cute and I can see how it would be irresistable to the kids, I would love to play with it. I also adore your fireplace, the red accent color is gorgeous and you have such a flair for decorating.
    I think of you often and pray for you and your family daily.
    Have a great week.


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!