Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'll Never Forget...

I'll never forget....my son's 3rd birthday.

Alex loves trains and gets so excited when he sees The Front Runner while we drive down the highway. We decided the perfect way to celebrate would to ride this train. It was awesome! The look on his face when we pulled into the parking lot and the excitement in his eyes as the horn blew and we traveled down the tracks....I will never forget.

I will never forget....how much my sister loves my kids.

Bobbi doesn't see them very often since she lives in Texas but she never forgets a birthday or a holiday. She sends packages and cards and Mallory is the spitting image of her.

I will never forget...the way Alex loves my sister.

He is not a super affectionate kid. He doesn't give out hugs and kisses freely. When you get one from him you know it is a precious gift and you must cherish it. He freely loves on Bobbi. Both kids constantly call her on their play phones and put up their hand (talk to the hand) if I interrupt their very important phone call.

I will never forget....how much my kid loves Chewtah (Pizza).

Both of my children would eat it everyday for the rest of their lives. They like when we make it at home but they love to go to The Pie and slug down a mug of root beer and play the pinball machine.

I will never forget....how wonderful it felt to be NEAR my sister.

Welcome to the Sisterhood of the Matching Pajama Pants! There was a time, many years ago that Bobbi and I were roommates. Even though we sometimes didn't get along because I am a morning person and she is....not. I will always hold those memories in my heart. She is my best friend and I would do anything for her. My latest scheme is to rent a Uhaul, kidnap her and make her my sister wife. Calvin I'm Kidding....

I will never forget....the gaggle of Red Hat Society ladies on the train.

I know exactly what I will be doing on my 50th birthday...I will be joining the Red Hat Society and I will wear a fabulous red hatbra on my head. I have already purchased a bedazzler and I'm working out a design! Only 11 more years....HOLY SH*T! Only 11 years? Hold Me!

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  1. I love these writing assignment posts you do. This one is so sweet and happy and I wish you two were able to see more of each other. Makes me miss my little brother too.

  2. A hat bra, that's hilarious!

  3. I love the pictures of Bobbi with the kids and you. She's adorable. You girls are lucky to have each other. I'm glad you had a nice time with her. (I bet you miss each other terribly.)

  4. I miss you and the kids too! I had such a great time, even though it was very brief. Next time will be longer, I promise!

    Where's the picture of me and Calvin holding Alex's hands?

    I will never forget Calvin lean towards me and ask if that woman was wearing a bra on her head!!!

  5. I love those pictures! It's so nice to have someone in your life like your sister.

  6. Great pictures! I've been promising my kids that we will ride the Frontrunner soon. Everytime we see it now my 6yo asks if we can rid it today.

  7. Oh God, did you have to say 'when I'm 50 in only 11 more years'! That hit uncomfortably close to home - like smack dab in the middle of my heart! Is it that close already??!! I will meet up and join you and we will wear red hat bras on our heads together :-)

  8. I have the exact same pj bottoms! Old Navy?

  9. What a beautiful post. Thanks for sharing. I love my sister too! :)

  10. LOL @ "sister wife."

    And I'm with your kids- I could eat pizza every day and twice on Sunday!

  11. Sisters are the best! I don't know what I would do if mine lived so far away. :(

  12. What a cute post Connie!!! It's so fun that you are having a great time with your sister! And what a great idea to ride the train! I have seen it speeding around and thought it would be fun to go for a ride, but have never done it.

    Your kids are so cute! And you make me laugh about the red hat ladies and the bedazzler!


  13. How very sweet and special your sister could join in on the fun! I remember taking my oldest to Santa Fe and riding the train, she was so excited. I wish there were more trains around.

  14. Now I miss my sisters! A poignant post with a lot of fun thrown in.

  15. Visiting from Mama Kat's (yep, still catching up on last week's posts). This was great, makes me wish I had a sister. I can sure tell you're glad you have yours!


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