Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009 aka Wanna See My Rack?

This shall be an Easter I will not soon forget. Calvin picked his brother up from the airport Friday night so that he could visit us for a long weekend. I flew him out for his birthday (Happy Birthday Robert!) but also so that he could watch the kids for a few hours so that Calvin and I could go to Salt Lake City to have a little date time. When will I learn that I can't have a plan anymore.....

Alex....has been escaping from his cage for a week now. I put him down for a *rest* but not a nap because naps are for babies, and about 30 minutes later he stealthily sneaks down the stairs and scares the hell out of me. After this development, Calvin decided that we needed to purchase a Big Boy Bed and it had to be done while Rob was here so that he could help him. So much for my date.....

Calvin has no concept of time. It might be a side effect of being an engineer....I don't know but the man decided to start building this thing late Saturday afternoon when we had dinner reservations at 5:15pm at Maddox Steak Emporium and then decided to finish it up at 7:30pm when we got home. The poor kids didn't get to bed until after 10 pm and I still had to play Easter Bunny! And guess who won't sleep in his new bed?

Baskets and Eggs were assembled and hidden and I fell into bed....exhausted!

baskets, labor of love...contents from Aunt Bobbi, Us and Grandparents Olson

Children awaken early....and this one, doesn't want to hunt for eggs. Are you kidding me? Once we tell her that they are filled with candy she changes her tune but because she is the baby and lazy as can be....she makes her Daddy carry her basket and she points to the eggs for him to retrieve for her.

Ever seen a Daddy wrapped around a finger?

How lovely...a card and a meal from Grandma and Grandpa....

What's wrong with this carrot?

We bought them each a digital camera to put in their baskets. Mallory will not allow anyone to explain how the dang thing works so now we have 53 pictures of her eye ball.

Alex is a natural! He loves his new toy!

And then we ate Rack of Lamb, Twice Baked Potatoes and Lemon Asparagus Salad. I was filled with joy as I made this meal because I knew that Martha was making the same thing for her guests. It was delicious! I will be posting about this meal on my food blog later. Poor Calvin...I kept asking him if he wanted to see my Rack and then I would whip out my lamb! LOL!

While cleaning up from dinner....we suddenly realized that the children were silent. You know what this means. TROUBLE! A short while before we had told the kids...No More Candy. They decided to take matters into their own hands and stole one of the baskets off from the counter and were devouring as much candy as they could before being discovered! Unfortunately, many of the eggs contained Hershey Kisses and Mallory isn't skilled at tin foil removal and ended up eating much tin. I'm sure it will all come out fine....

My Sister's horse still hasn't had My Little Pony over and place your bet to win a Starbucks Gift Card!


  1. That's quite an Easter! So funny about your dh not having any concept of time. I think it may be an engineer thing.

    Mallory is such a doll! No wonder daddy is wrapped around her little fingers!

  2. Your dinner looks delicious! What a nice rack! I love asparagus!

    Cute photos too!

  3. Oh so funny! I love your daughter 'directing' Daddy on the egg hunt, and the eyeball photos! Good times. Glad you had a Happy Easter!

  4. I love, love, love that black and white photo of Mallory!

    And your rack looks yummy!

  5. Oh my freak. That post was hysterical.

    Craig even paused the TV show he was watching to read it!

  6. don't take this the wrong way, but your daughter's face is hysterical. i can SEE her mood in her expression. it KILLS me.

  7. oh and maddox?? did you have the seafood cocktail??? I LOVE THAT. next time you go, get that if you haven't had it.

  8. Oh Connie - you crack me up!!! How fun that your brother got to come out and spend Easter with you! And those pictures are so cute. The kids are adorable!

    I am with you on the Easter Bunny stuff. Jeff has the flu or something. Saturday night we went to Wicked. Didn't get back until 11 PM. I got home, Jeff has been asleep for 3 hours. Nothing is done for the morning. So I am up until 2 AM filling the eggs, hiding the eggs, putting the baskets together. Wrapping stuff up. Getting the rolls done for the breakfast in the morning, etc. Sigh!

    Your dinner looks delicious!!!


    PS - I need to find out more about your walk. What a great idea!!!

  9. My husband has no concept of time either, but I wish he was wasting it doing things around the house.

    It is so annoying to get all ready for a date just to walk downstairs to find that your husband hasn't even started getting ready because he's playing some stupid video game.

    Anyways, I'm glad you guys had a fun Easter, you got some cute pics.

  10. Cute! Looks like everyone had a wonderful day (glad you had three martinis - Atta girl!). Your meal is gorgeous!

    What's a date?

  11. That was an action packed post.
    Yes, I think she does have her daddy wrapped around her finger. Has he framed any of the eyeball photos yet?

  12. Girl, I LOVE it when my husband starts a project that will just take "30 min. or so." It almost always ends up taking over 2 hours AND he starts it at the most convenient time, like 15 min. before dinner or 20 min. before we're supposed to leave to go somewhere. Then nothing gets done until HE'S done. I feel your pain.


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!