Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dear Aunt Bobbi....

Hi there...Mallory here. I have taken over the blog for the day to tell you about some correspondence I had with my Auntie Bobbi yesterday. I regularly email her from my personal email account (yes, my Daddy is a geek) and I'm thinking of joining Twitter so that I can be better connected to my peeps.

Dear Aunt Bobbi,

I got into a little bit of trouble today. I wanted a spa day so I could do something about these wrinkles that I have and I thought about how smooth my butt is and it's because Mommy puts this cream on it so I thought it would make a nice moisturizer. That probably wouldn't have been a big deal if I wouldn't have gotten it all over me and Alex and the stairs and my floor and the hallway and some of my clothes. Oh we also painted the dining room window with it too. That will teach Mommy to go take a potty break....

Anyway, I need your help because Mommy is threatening to NEVER shop at Gymboree for me again! She wants to buy my clothes from *shudder* WALMART! I can't wear Wal Mart clothes. What will the other toddlers think? How will I make friends and influence people? You can't let
her do this. You must talk some sense into her.

Thank You Aunt Bobbi....

I love you!


P.S. I am so excited to see you on Friday. Hurry!

This is the email I got back from my Auntie Bobbi...

I understand wanting to use moisturizer for your wrinkles, it's never too early to start. However, you should never waste a good product painting others and windows.

But with that being said, your mommy is being completely unreasonable! No child should have to wear clothes from Walmart, unless they're rednecks or white trash and you my dear are neither or those things.

So, I will have a talk with your mom and convince her that threatening to not shop at Gymboree anymore is a crime against baby fashion.
And I know your mom doesn't want Officer Olson from the fashion police all up in her business!

I love you too,

Aunt Bobbi
My dear Mommy would like you to know that after trying EVERYTHING under the sun to clean the diaper cream from the carpet....the only thing that worked was this cleaner that she just bought last week from a door to door sales woman. It is called Advanage. It is a miracle cleaner!

The kids regularly wear clothing from Wal-Mart and Target but Mamma gets mad when the nice Gymbo outfits get messed up.


  1. HOW could you be MAD at that ADORABLE litlte face?!?! Even covered w/ diaper cream, she's cute. And innocent. And deserves Gymbo! (But I shop at WM for my kiddos, too...). ;)

  2. How long were you in the bathroom? xo

  3. I can't wait to see that little face in person again!

  4. Oh, and I'm really not that big of a snob, I was being funny.
    Not everyone that shops at Walmart is a redneck or white trash.

    I didn't realize this was going to be posted for the world to see.

  5. How cute! My mother always told us, and I'm passing the info on to my daughter, "moisturize, moisturize, moisturize". However I'm pretty sure this wasn't what she meant.

    All I have to say about Wal-mart clothes is if you need to cover your body they will do. But just don't take pictures. It seems like every time I take a picture of my daughter in a cute Wal-mart outfit I come across someone else's picture of their cute kiddo in the same thing. Now that would be *GASP* terrible!

    Thanks for stopping by my site today!


  6. How fun for you! I don't think my kids did this but they have done lots of other crazy things! Good times! :0)

  7. Oh dear - time to keep anything liquid or gell related "up high"

  8. The other day my boys (5 and 17 mos) decided to take my Mary Kay Even Complexion Essence and squirt it all over the place - little bit here, little bit there - the blinds, his bed, the crib, you name it. I was not a happy chappy :-)

  9. Hi Connie!
    You make me laugh! So funny! I am glad you got the diaper creme out of the carpet. She is such a cutie!

    Thanks for emailing me about the walk. What a great idea! I am going to see what is going on that day. I think it might be the weekend I am going out to see my sister's baby.

    You are awesome!


  10. Just wait until they're older and can not only tell you but also point out that the vast majority of the kids are wearing Hollister, Abercrombie, AE, etc.

    It's even more fun when those places are at least a two hour drive away in either direction, forcing you to put in some windshield time or hope that the clothes look as good on the kid as they do on the computer screen.

    Side observation - Dirty, worn/ripped jeans are back in style here. The teenager recently wiped out on his bike. I told him, "See, you could have worn a pair of $15 Wal-Mart jeans and turned them into $70 jeans!"

    Of course, I was more amused by this than he was.

  11. LMAO...I STILL have the stain(s) from when my oldest (now 13) got into his diaper cream. I never could get it out of his carpet! It's now a nice shade of dark grey where it's been gathering dirt for a number of years (12, but who's counting?)!!!

  12. You?
    Are hysterical.
    Consider me a big fan.


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!