Thursday, January 15, 2009

January Blahs....

This morning I woke up with it.

The January Blahs.

I'm unmotivated. I'm tired and I just don't want to do anything.

I'm usually a pretty upbeat and driven person but once in a while...especially since moving to Utah where there is cold and snow outside my door for days on end....I feel unspunky.

I have decided to compile a list of things to help beat the Winter doldrums.

Number 1 Open all the curtains! We need more sun in the house! At least seeing the sun will help improve my mood.

Number 2 Listen to some upbeat music! This morning...I chose the music from Mamma Mia. Perked me right up. And the kids danced and it wore them out a little bit so that they took a nice nap.

Number 3 Make a summery cocktail! Nothing makes me long for summer like a salt rimmed Margarita or a Corona with a lime. If you don't drink alcohol....make some Lemonade!

Number 4 Crank up the heat and put on some shorts or a swim suit! I didn't actually do this....but it is an interesting idea.

Number 5 While you have your swimsuit on....slather on some self-tanning lotion. If you know of good one please share!

Number 6 Exercise! Do some jumping jacks or dance with the kids.

Number 7 Eat some fruit and salad! That always reminds me of summer.

Number 8 Watch the movie Cocktail! Or any other summer, beach movie.

Number 9 Get together with some friends for a party or night out.

Number 10 Go on vacation to a warm location! I'm thinking Mexico or Hawaii!

What do you do when you are the Winter Blues?


  1. i don't have any great tips ...
    but can i come over for the margarita with salt on the rim.
    20 below here today! yippee!
    (did that make you feel better?)

  2. Luckily we have sunshine most days of the year here. But I do like to turn good "summer" music on and act like a fool! I also like to paint my toenails, something about painted toenails screams summer to me. Try a summer color.

  3. Take extra vitamin D! It is the vitamin you get from the sun and it helps with the winter blues and SAD (seasonal affective disorder). I need to do this, too!

  4. no tips from me either. I hate winter too--these are great ideas!

  5. are you kidding? i love winter. it's totally an excuse to stay inside, read books, watch movies and COOK or bake!! i hate driving in snow and i hate being cold...but other than that, winter is ok by me.

  6. I'm drinking some white wine - I usually drink red, even in the summer. I wish we were sharing a glass together though...

    Your suggestions are all great Connie. I'm feeling a little "blah" myself. It's lonely in Utah County!

  7. Do you have any suggestions for life blues? I could use some.

  8. WE don't get those blues much here in L.A. where it is unnaturally warm. I know, it sounds great but believe me, I'm an East Coaster and I miss the seasons.

  9. Geez...thanks for the tips!! I certainly need them! I just posted the most depressing post on my blog...and it's more upbeat than I feel! Egads!

    I think I'll go make a drink, eat some fruit and watch Cocktail in my bathing suit. When my daughter gets home she'll think I've completely lost my mind!! Teehee!

  10. I sometimes get the blahs in January, too. As much as I treasure the new beginnings this month represents, I find I, too, need to do a few special things to lift my spirits. You've named many of them; natural lighting and uplifting music are two spirit-lifting elements I seek when I'm feeling blah. What a great post - thank you! ~Arleen


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!