Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Reasons Why... **EDITED**

We can't return to Colorado.

Colorado's Governor Bill Ritter wants to welcome dangerous GITMO detainees to the Supermax prison.

Because I like to keep up on current events....I rented Harold and Kumar escape from Guantanamo Bay last night. These terrorists are scary people that hate America! It is scary to think that they could end up living in the US.

And as if that wasn't enough....there is a new bill in 'the house' that would punish Colorado drivers that drive slowly and leave 5 or more cars stuck behind them in traffic. Calvin is a slow driver. He consistently drives 10-15 MPH under the speed limit and we are consistently passed by people that throw us dirty looks and fancy hand signals. This new law would result in Calvin receiving a $50 fine and 3 points off from his license.

He used to wear glasses like this guy so that people thought he was old. I put a stop to that because every time I saw him in those things it killed any chance he had of making Whoopie with me and I wanted to have kids.


I just found this old picture of Clark and his glasses!

Feast your eyes!


  1. Wow! I'd probably get kicked out of Colorado due to the speed limit thingy! OR! I'd get ticketed for massively speeding while trying to avoid the GITMO detainees! That doesn't sounds like fun at all!

  2. I thought the new administration was going to set all of those detainees free anyway?!!? It would be more than Colorado that would have to worry then.

    Okay, I will stop and be good.

    I am surprised Alabama did not suggest them moving here, only they would probably be used as target practice... hmmmm.

  3. I think it's funny Calvin drives so slow. LOVE the glasses. I think you should wear them when you climb into bed at night.

  4. Nick is a slow driver too...
    I on the other hand go 90 in a 40.

  5. I'm so confused. Take the dangerous criminals in? Punish the slow drivers? Help me understand the madness.

  6. Why must our men insist on making themselves OLD men? Seriously! Jeremy is only 29 and sometimes I swear he has the taste of someone his dad's age!


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