Sunday, January 18, 2009

Makin' Pizza and Breakin' Heads

My kids love pizza (they call it Choo Ta). For Christmas they bought Calvin a Pizza stone and peel so that they could make pizza together. Last weekend we decided to try it out and they had the best time! Alex was the official pizza dough roller outer.

Mallory patiently awaits her turn to do something to the pizza!

Mallory did a fabulous job at spreading the pizza sauce and adding the cheese.

Daddy loved flipping the dough into the air!

I made the Whole Wheat Pizza dough from a recipe I found in Martha Stewart's Everyday Foods magazine. It was very easy to make and tasted great! To get the recipe and see the finished HERE.

** ** ** **

Mallory has been saying something for a few weeks that we are perplexed about. All day long she says, 'breakin' heads'. It started right after Christmas and near as I can tell has something to do with the movie Wall-E. **SPOILER ALERT** I think it is because Wall-E flies into the roof of his little house thing and his eye breaks off.

This morning she was doing her best Mommy impression and talking on her faux cell phone and she said, 'HI! I breakin your head. Bye bye!' and hung up. So now I don't think it has anything at all to do with Wall-E and she is now practicing to be the first ever female Mafia Boss!

Because of this little development we were really reluctant to get a babysitter last week when we wanted to go out to dinner with Calvin's co-workers. We were afraid that someone would take it wrong and call social services! So far, so good. No one has shown up on our doorstep asking any questions. She is such a little stinker!


  1. That's just too cute. Breakin' heads. Sounds like a new catchphrase.

  2. love the sex in the city apron.....

  3. Look at Calvin throw that pizza dough! I'm impressed!

    Quit thumpin' your kids on the head Connie. Honestly...

  4. Your kids are just so adorable! How cute that they love making pizza. I would love to hear your daughter say she wants to break my head - how funny!


  5. Craig's new favorite phrase:

    "I breakin' you head Sex in the City style."


  6. Making pizza with the kids is so fun! Good for you all.

  7. we make pizza every friday, it's an old family tradition we are carrying on with the girls. And, I have two little ones saying the darndest things in my house, wish you lived closer, we could swap for childcare!

  8. Hahaha-love the mafia comment! I love her SITC apron too. How cute are those pics?!?! What a fun thing to do! I will have to try that recipe for dough! Thanks!

  9. Those kids are just so cute! Esme loves helping make pizza, too - spreading the sauce and trying out all the ingredients as they are being put on...

  10. I just love the sex in the city apron.... so appropriate for the feisty girl!


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