Thursday, January 15, 2009

My AH HA Moment!

As part of my contract with Oprah and the Best Life Series she has going on....I have been given some homework. I have never been a fan of homework. As I recall I didn't do much of it as a kid but now I'm an adult and like to think I do things by the book. My homework has caused me to think about my life and how I live it. And because I am married to an Engineer...I have to explain things in ways that he will understand.

I have been thinking alot about foundations and engines. Now, I know what you are thinking....what the heck do these two things have to do with losing weight? Well...for one thing, you can't build a house without a foundation. So, I am thinking of my eating plan and weight lifting routine as my foundation. If I eat right, I have more energy and can build strong muscles. The stronger my muscles, the better my body will burn calories and therefore burn off all of this fat that is padding my body.

Do you know what happens to an engine when you put sugar in the gas tank? The gas becomes syrupy and thick and things get clogged. I'm now imagining this same thing happening in my body. I'm a sugar addict, It's my drug and Wal-Mart is my dealer! My body can't run efficiently if I fill my tank with sugar.

I've had my AH HA moment! Oprah would be so proud of me.....

As part of my new exercise plan...I ordered one of those core balls. GNC online had them on sale and it arrived this morning. The doorbell rang and I ran to the door. The UPS man was lingering in front of my house a little longer than normal....checkin out my boot-tay. I gave it a swing and then I saw the box. ADVERTISING my purchase....he was just verifying that I need this thing.

I opened it up and read the is too small. It is for people that are 5'0"-5'5" and I am a bit taller than that. The good news is that I got the anti-burst ball and it is good to 250 lbs. I think I would poo my pants if that sucker popped while I was using it. I tried to pump it up and it was too hard for me. The up and down pumping action reminded me of something else and I immediately got a headache. My husband claims that I just need more practice and he has volunteered to help me with my endurance.

If you own an new favorite application is Lose It. And it's FREE!

In the is my favorite weight lifting song!

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  1. Good song Connie! You are so motivated - good for you! I just blogged about how my no sugar New Year's resolution lasted about 12 hours. I have NO self control. Good luck with the work out ball. I have one of those too. I have NO IDEA how to use it (lol).

    Have a great night!


  2. So what does it mean that we both posted about these balls on the same day? And I agree about the pump!

  3. That's awesome, Connie! Good luck with the ball exercises. I hope you're still winning the bet with your family :)

  4. I love that song!

    My favorite home gym piece of equipment is my Bosu ball. It's great for core work. I do squats on it.

  5. Great dedication Connie. You are one of those people who gives things 150% and you deserve to see some results asap!

  6. Best of luck with the new routine!

  7. Right on Connie! Loved this post - so clever and funny - and your hair - UN-FRICKIN-BELIEVABLE - that hair!

    I also love the song. Many people see me as the Mom with the bobbed hair, drinks a little wine, doesn't cuss (hee hee), but underneath the "mature" exterior, I love to listen to your favorite "weight lifting" song (a little Kid Rock too) and pretend I can do shit I can't do (like ski with people who wear avalanche beacons).

  8. Connie, You are awesome taking on a healthy lifestyle and planning it all out. I loved the UPS man checking you out! You are too funny. But good luck with your plans. Keep that ball rolling--or whatever you do with it.

  9. Lady, you are too funny! The part about pumping up the ball and then getting a husband wants to know why I'm laughing and I just can't tell him! I'm so excited about that iPhone app...going to download now!!

  10. I freakin love this song and I've never seen the video. Awesome!


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!