Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sad, Mad, Glad...

What I've got they used to call the blues
Nothin' is really wrong
Feelin' like I don't belong
Walkin' around
Some kind of lonely clown
Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down.
~The Carpenter's

I read this post and remembered when I was talking to my sister the other day about what we do when we are feeling not so fresh. No wait, that was a different conversation. We were talking about when we are sad, or mad or well, glad and how we handle it.

Bobbi likes to shop. When life becomes a little too hard to handle...when a man has done her wrong, when her dog drags a potted tree through the house, when someone she loves disappoints her....she takes her frustrations out on a VISA card.

I like to eat. When life becomes a little too hard to handle....when my kids throw up or poop on me, when my hubby tells me I can't go to BlogHer 09, when I have to chew Dave's ass, when I got to Walmart and they are out of size 6 Huggies, when the hospital charges me two co-pays, when the end of the Young & the Restless is preempted so they can tell me it is snowing in Utah....I take it out on a bag of cookies.

And this would explain why my sister is so skinny and well dressed and I am a little on the chubby side.

How do you deal with stress/disappointment/happiness?

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  1. I hibernate in my nice cozy bed, under my thick and heavy down comforter where no one mean can find me.


  2. By the way,

    You ok?

    Love you.


  3. I also shop when stressed. Or sleep alot. How are you doing?

  4. Some are sad, and some are glad and some are very very bad. Why are they sad and glad and bad? I do not know - go ask your dad. Sorry - I could recite that entire book - so I couldn't help myself. And I just spent five minutes reciting other Seuss gems to my husband. He just rolled his eyes and walked away...

    But back to your question. I think I combine the shopping/eating. I probably get more out of shopping - but eating is a little bit easier on short notice. Plus my financial advisor (husband) is a bit of a buzz kill when it comes to a really great shopping high. So these days I probably turn to cookies more than cashmere.

    By the way - this was very funny. I think it's adorable that you and your husband watch soaps together. And I know what you mean about those "storm watch" interruptions. They make me crazy too.

  5. Yes I agree I shop when stressed, and I eat, so you can imagine. Happy well I'm just happy.

  6. I do a little of both. Before I had kids and such a tight budget, I used to only shop when sad - I was much skinnier! I am trying to "train" myself to take a day and just be as sad as I want and then wake up the next day refreshed and happy. It seemed to work yesterday.
    Hope things are swell for you!

  7. I typically reach for the red wine. I don't drink very often so this hits the spot in moments of frustration.

  8. I have FINALLY connected the dots that you and Bobbi are sisters. Duh. I love the name Bobbi.

    There's nothing wrong with a little retail therapy, or a little cookie comfort. Both work for me.

    A glass of wine and some quiet time helps too, but it's not always an option. Darn.

  9. Thank God you clarified, because I sure as hell don't remember talking to you about not feeling so fresh!

    By the way, that hubby of yours must be stopped! He's ruining ALL of our fun. I may have to have a talk with him...

  10. When I am stressed I love to sleep and then get up and shop...for what..books..why..I don't know..lol...

  11. I wish I had the shopping fix! Instead, shopping makes me more depressed - I've got the food habit instead...


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