Monday, November 3, 2008

Are you looking for my ample bosom?

I often wonder....what brings some people to my blog. I like to check the key word searches because they can be very funny. Here are the ones from this week.

ample bosom colorado....from Lakewood, old boyfriend maybe?

hobo spiders for kids....I don't recommend hobo spiders as pets.

lawn spider nests....yes, they also live in your grass.

hobo spider identification, utah....apparently, I am a expert in hobo spiders

9 month old baby bit by hobo spider....oh lord, I hope not!

spiders out of biscuit dough....i'm sorry but these two things don't go together at all.

fun weekend trips with kids....highly recommended as long as lots of alcohol is involved.

skits about attitude adjustment...not sure about this one...I have never done a skit in my life.

carved pumpkins with pacifier...I would have to recommend a knife and not a pacifier for this job.

the three bears what really happened...I really don't know what happened. I'm not Goldilocks!


  1. Too funny! I get hits for "no panties under her skirt" all the time, because I posted my most embarrassing moment (where I wore black panties under a light skirt).
    I can't imagine how disappointed they are when they find my site instead of a porno.

  2. Isn't it funny to see what brings people to your blog!
    Love it!

  3. love this. I haven't looked at mine lately, they always make me chuckle or nervous!

  4. It really is amazing how "innocent" posts can bring "unique" searchers to our sites.

    Very fun!

  5. I haven't looked at mine in a while...But they always kind of scare me. Looks like I write pornography. Which I don't. Unless you consider children who refuse to wear clothes pornographic.

  6. funny.
    like someone else said...
    it kinda scares me...but i still find it funny!
    thanks google!

  7. Those are funny! I didn't even know you could find that out? Hilarious!

  8. That's too funny! I also wonder how some people happen upon my blog given the key words they search LOL boy must they be disappointed when they get there LOL

  9. Will you teach me how to do this? I had no idea!

    Now I am so curious. (and a little scared.)


  10. That is so funny! I just checked mine a few minutes ago, and found "did I run my husband off"!!! Seriously! I want sooo badly to write "if you have to ask..." Heh. Also, I get a lot about grown women peeing. I may have written about my lack of bladder control too often...


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!