Monday, November 17, 2008

The Good Morning Guys!

I grew up in Greeley Colorado. It was a little farming community with a big smell, and at one time....I was a redneck! I listened to country music, I knew how to line dance and two step, I drove a gold Trans Am and a Dodge Power Wagon. I lived on a 600 acre cattle ranch, drank Old Milwaukee and I wore boots.

During this time, my favorite radio station was K99. In my early teen years, they played top 40 music and I would spend many a Saturday night dedicating songs to my current crush (it changed every couple weeks) and dancing in my room in front of a full length mirror. I had some rad moves!

In 1987, when I was 17 years old the format changed to country. And soon after, the comedic stylings of Brian and Todd would fill my mornings with laughter and entertainment. Brian and Todd aka The Good Morning Guys, were with me through my many jobs, my horrible husbands and I formed a bit of a relationship with them. Occasionally, I would call in when they were discussing a topic of interest or when I wanted them to shout out a Happy Birthday to my Mom.

In 1995, my Dad opened an FBO called Aquila Aviation at the Weld County Airport. It was a dream come true for my Dad....he rented and repaired airplanes and offered flying lessons. When he had his grand opening...he hired K99 to do a live remote and I was so excited when Todd showed up.

Look at Bobbi's awesome belt buckle!

The summer of 2000, before I left Greeley for the big city, I was at the Greeley Mall. I had just had my very first professional bra fitting at Victoria Secret and discovered that I was a D cup. To a redneck girl, this was thrilling news! As I was preparing to exit the mall I ran into Brian doing a live remote with a giveaway for tickets to see Clint Black at Cheyenne Frontier Days. He asked if he could interview me real quick and I said YES...I was so excited to be on the radio.

When we went live on the air he asked what I was doing at the mall and I said, 'I just had my b(.)(.)bs measured and I just found out I'm a D CUP!' Brian...being the comedian that he is, played along nicely and asked my husband's name. He then did a shout out to him, 'hey Dumbass (not his real name) Your wife is a D CUP!' A few days later, I would get a phone call saying that I won the Clint Black tickets...I don't think it was a coincidence. I think Brian liked my D Cups and threw all of the other entries out!

A month later, I would leave Dumbass and Greeley in my rear view mirror....never to return. I tried out other morning shows but no one ever took the place of my Good Morning Guys.

Last Tuesday, eight years later....I was sitting home watching TV. I could have been watching the CMA awards but I was three episodes behind on The Starter Wife. I got a text from Bobbi and she said that she had just seen Brian and Todd on the Country Music Awards and they won an award for Personalities of the Year!

I felt such happiness and pride....

Congratulations Brian and Todd for being selected CMA Small Market Personalities of the Year!

Interesting (or not) Tidbit: Amanda Peterson, who appeared opposite Patrick Dempsey in Can't Buy Me Love, was from Greeley and I once saw her at Target!


  1. They were my favorite too!

    And yes, my belt buckle was AWESOME!!

  2. You lived on a 600 acre cattle farm?? I had no idea!

    And Bobbi's belt buckle rocks my world. ;)


    P.S. I feel like I too have a relationship with the morning show people I listen to! Shout out to Matt and Amy in the morning! :)

  3. Rachel...I lived on a ranch in Grover Colorado from 97' to 99'. It was horrible! Right after I planted a huge garden...the well collapsed! I had to haul water from the stock tank to my garden with 5 gal buckets! It took 6 weeks to get someone out to fix it. I truly lived 'Little House on the Prairie'!

  4. i love reading how your brain moves topics.
    it reminds me of me!

  5. That's so cool that they won the award! You paint great pictures with your words!

  6. The only time I think of Greeley is when a cold front moves in from the north. LOL!

    Love the pictures!

  7. My sister-in-law married her first husband and moved to Greeley - lived in a very nice "modular home" (TRULY being descriptive and NOT judgmental) - divorced and moved away. I need to email you their names. You never know...

    I LOVE Bobbi's belt buckle and your boobs!

  8. Now that Amanda Peterson thing is interesting! I thought it was kind of sad that her acting career never really took off. I thought she was very good (she was in a short lived show that I loved called A Year in the Life).

    Anyway - I'm glad that your morning guys are getting some recognition. I'm sure they remember you and your D cups you nut!

  9. D cups and rad the post....great read!!! ;)

  10. I went to UNC (have I told you that before?)

    Those guys, or someone else on that station ('Hollywood' seems to ring a bell for some reason...) gave me my first trip to England. Small world?!

    I miss Greeley sometimes-I have some great stories from that place!


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!