Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voter Fraud in Utah

This morning, we have become victims of Voter Fraud! Calvin went to vote and discovered that we are not on 'the list'. For the life of me, I couldn't figure out why because we registered to vote when we got our Driver's Licenses on October 2nd.

I called the Weber County Clerk's office and found out that when we marked the box that asked if we wanted to register to vote, the employee that helped us should have printed out something for us to sign, which would have been forwarded to the County Clerk. The woman I talked to said it is an ongoing problem with the Ogden Driver's License Division.

I called the Lt Governor's office and reported the problem. I emailed KSL 5, ABC4 & the Standard Examiner. I called CNN's hot line for voting problems and left a message.

Then I called Dave. Dave is the man in charge at the Ogden Driver's License Division. I told him what happened and explained how serious this is. He asked me what the person that helped us looked like. I told him that the situation is more serious than that. Because Calvin and I went to get our licenses 3 hours apart because we have small children. We were helped by TWO different people Dave. AT LEAST two different people in your office are not doing their job and NOT registering people to vote when they get their license. This is a serious problem!

Dave tried to blame the County Clerk. Seriously Dave? The County Clerk is responsible for YOUR employee not printing out a form for me to sign. And do you know what Dave said to that? He said...I said I was Sorry. Did you Dave? Are you sorry Dave? He said he tells them all the time to make sure to print those forms out. Dave. I think you need to do more than TALK to them. Do they understand english? Maybe someone should be fired Dave.

I told Dave that I would be calling him every two weeks for the rest of my life to make sure that he is staying on top of this. I also told him I was going to get a baby sitter and come in and test his employees once and a while. Dave told me to...Bring It On! Oh Dave, it's already been brought!

Let this be a lesson to all of you. This isn't just happening in Utah, it is happening everywhere! Don't bother registering when you get or renew your driver's license. Go directly to your County Clerk office. This is the only way to ensure that you're truly registered. Don't fall victim to Dave and his crappy management style.

You may be wondering why I am getting so worked up over this. Well, I take my right to VOTE very seriously, but more than that it is when something happens to me that I think is dead wrong and could happen to someone else....I have to speak up. I am not and have never been one of those people that just says, oh bother. I am a Tigger...not an Eeyore!

And so this concludes my attempts to like living in Utah. I have really been trying hard to like it here, but Utah isn't cooperating with me at all. It keeps giving me reasons to hate it. And since it looks like I won't be escaping this hell hole anytime soon...I am forming a new club.
The I Hate Utah Club.

Edited: To Add Dave's phone number....at Rachel's request!


  1. That really sucks! I know you have been trying so hard to like Utah a little better and now they have screwed your voting up! So sorry, if you need more members, just let me know. I have started many of these clubs in my ARMY brat days of moving!

  2. I think you should put Dave's phone number on here so we can all call him and ask him if his employees are registering voters correctly.



  3. Oh I'm so sorry Connie! And I'm SO happy I'm not Dave...

  4. That is so aggravating!!! I would be calling Dave, too! I'd also make sure that my butt was at the county clerk's office today or tomorrow morning explaining the situation and how angry you are about it. Someone should, seriously, lose their job over this one!

  5. Shanna! You are my first member of the I HATE UTAH club. Your welcome gift is in the mail!

    Rachel...just added Dave's phone number!

    Kate....Dave is going to wish he wasn't Dave when I am done with him.

    Annie...the County Clerk was very sympathetic. I'm also going to be on them to get after Dave.

  6. What Dave doesn't realize is that you are true to your word and will haunt him all the days of his lives! I feel very, very, very sorry for Dave.

    I believe I will call Dave as well so he knows how serious this problem is and you don't mess with my sister. I think I'll tell him to be afraid...very afraid.

  7. Well, I think you handled yourself just as well as I would...what a jerk...sorry your voting got all messed up like that...should throw the number on twitter and ask all to call dave..lol....

  8. O.M.G.

    I can't even fathom how angry you are right now. I am so sorry. There is a special place in hell for Dave. Oh wait, he's already there. It's called Utah.

  9. bummer! I guess you don't have early voting in Utah. Maybe that would have helped.

  10. Oh MAN that sucks. Definitely stay on top of those DMVers.

    The fact that Dave takes the issue so lightly is proof that he needs a few hundred calls tomorrow!

  11. Connie!!!
    They should have let you fill out a paper ballot as long as you could prove that you lived within their precinct limits. That's what I was told when I went in to vote today. There was a man there who was in the same situation as you and that is what they told him. I am so sorry. And Utah needs every vote it can get!!!

  12. please don't hate utah. puhleeeaase!!

  13. I never even thought about this before. I know I'm registered to vote, b/c I get my little orange card in the mail that I take with me to vote- you know the voter's registration card. And I checked the county's website that also confirmed that the husband and I were good to go.

    Is this done everywhere? Does everyone, nationwide, get a card?

    I know by law we are supposed to recieve ours in the mail as long as we registered at least a month before election day. But that's about all I know about it!


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