Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Husband Tracker

Many years ago, when I was married to a loser who spent all our money on booze and cheated on me....I often thought that a tracking device would have really come in handy. It would have saved me many trips all over town looking for my good for nothing mate.

I am now married to the most wonderful man in the world! I always know where he is but sometimes...I would like to know just how close he is to arriving home so I can touch up my make-up and have his martini ready. Sometimes I just like to know what he is doing, besides thinking about me, during the day.

All of this can be yours with The Husband Tracker....aka Loopt! Loopt is an iPhone and Blackberry Application that lets you connect with your hubby/friends/family and see what they are doing. You can even send them pictures of what you are doing. You can find them on a map and you can send them comments. It is awesome! What I like is that I can Ping him and demand, I mean, request his location!

Ladies...this is not advertised as a Husband Tracker because, honestly your husband wouldn't buy it if he knew it was tracking his every move. So...this is our little secret. The only trick...and this shouldn't be too hard if your hubby is like mine and is in love with his iPhone, is getting him to update his activities. DO NOT COMPARE THIS TO TWITTER. Husbands' don't understand Twitter and they will run screaming from the room. Send him pictures of your b(.)(.)bs through out the day and he will be more than willing to update on his end.

WARNING: If you are going to send your beloved pictures of your...goodies. Don't invite your family & friends to be your 'friends'. They will also receive the picture. Just sayin.....
Here is a commercial that explains The Husband Tracker in more detail.

This priceless ('s free) application is FREE!

Get it today!


  1. Hmm, well. Since my husband has yet to figure out texting, I may not get much updating from him.

    It would be nice to know how soon he'll be home, though, so I can get off the computer and act like I'm cleaning the house when he walks in the door!

  2. Sorry you caught a smelly fish the first time. At least you have a fabulous keeper this time!

    I haven't lived your path, but I've been in the neighborhood, and I'm still not sure I want a "Husband Tracker". I'm too damn tired to care anymore...

    Let's just meet for a glass of wine!

    p.s. You look FABULOUS today.

  3. This is great! I am so going to look for this app. Thanks for the tip on the inviting others. This should help keep things spicy. *wink*

  4. I love that you renamed it "Husband Tracker!"

    My updates about myself tend to always involve something to do with drinking of the liquid that a prob?


  5. OK, I kinda want a Husband Tracker!

  6. My husband would only be too happy to invest in this for BOTH of us. I always tease him about acting like my wife. He would love to "ping" me through out the day to check on my whereabouts. I don't think I'll inform him of this amazing new invention...

  7. ok listen. so i'd send a pic of my ta-tas..and i just KNOW i would send it to people like his father and brothers on total accident. i just can't risk it.

    i'm too dumb. lol!

  8. Needed one of those with my first husband...he was the same...liar and a not need with my hubby now...thankfully!! :)

  9. I tried to load this application, but my type of Blackberry isn't compatible yet.
    Story of my life, I'm not compatible with anyone else...

  10. Now I just have to find me a husband to track and I'll be all set. :)

  11. Now I just have to find me a husband to track and I'll be all set. :)

  12. Wow -- that is cool! I am glad you specified about the b(.)(.)bs, though, as it might be a little bit uncomfortable if I hadn't known that bit of information! :-)

  13. Ha! This is hilarious. And you're so right about husbands not understanding Twitter. Mine makes a face every time I mention it.

  14. I think we need a "Connie Tracker!"


    Where arrrrrrrrrrreee you?

    It's been 3 whole days since your last post. :(


  15. I'd think this is good for tracking teenagers, more so. Low jack, 'em! My husband's work is literally so close to our house, this wouldn't do me any good. But a brilliant idea!

  16. Mr Monica speaking: Too bad wifey doesn't subscribe to sending me photos of "b(.)(.)bs". All I get during the working day is an ear bashing! Is there a way to swap nagging for b(.)(.)bs?

  17. OK I need the iPhone, solely on this fine invention! Seriously you need to contact Apple ASAP - your material is fabulous and so TV worthy. Can I link to this post on a blog about my new phone when she arrives?


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