Monday, June 30, 2008

Please Explain...

Someone please explain to me.

What the purpose of this hood ornament is?

Why in the world would you need that on your station wagon in Utah? Does the station wagon need protecting? Is this to compensate for his little penis? Surely a woman doesn't drive this. It has to be a man.

Also, if he is using it for protection purposes...why are the points facing toward the car? I sure hope that the dang thing never comes off and pokes the drivers eye out!

This photo was used without the permission of Calvin who snapped this priceless picture in the parking lot of the company he works for. We are in the Witness Protection Program so I can't tell you where this was taken.


  1. aaaw...I think the true picture would have been of the weird-o getting into that thing.. maybe it was a hand me down car and they were trying to personalize it.

    so much for bumperstickers! LOL!

  2. That car looks like it belongs in Texas!

  3. BAHAHA Wow It just has to be a man has to be haha

  4. Hubby said he say the dork that was driving the was a man. AND he was driving carpool today so he had three other guys with him.

    I'm not sure I could be seen in that vehicle....

  5. Daaaaaaaaaaaang....

    And here I thought that was one of those hokey forward pictures. To know that your hubs actually took that pic scares me a little - that people actually drive that car.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  6. That's my husband's car...NO I kid I kid...I also live in Utah! I was laughing when I saw this typical of the strange goings on right?

    I love that you have a blog dedicated to getting out of UTAH...I can understand the frustration of living here...but I also love it.

    I loved you comment on my blog...I laughed all by myself in front of my computer...I'm glad my daughter didn't ask me to shake her pee off of her...she just went about her business...after I demanded she squat and rinse herself off! :)


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!