Saturday, June 21, 2008

Let's Make A Deal!

We were out running errands this morning when Calvin said Let's go look at the new Muranos. I said no, I didn't want to see one if I can't have one. He had previously told me that I couldn't have a new Murano until 2011. Since I am just a housewife and mother to his heir, I decided to put my desire for a new car aside and withhold all sex with Calvin until 2011. Just kidding!! But I do make him work for it.

I told him taking me to see a new Murano is like taking an alcoholic to a bar, my Dad to a strip club or Kirstie Alley to a buffet. I don't want to see what I can't have.

I asked him if he changed his mind about getting me a new Murano and he said he saw in my eyes how much I wanted one.

I said, well, you can either let me have another baby.

Or you can get me a new 2009 Murano.

I asked him which would be cheaper. He said the baby.

Then I opened my big mouth without thinking and I said....long term? Or initial investment?

He decided they are both too expensive.

Now I don't think I am getting either one!


  1. I think just in clothes this year I have bought a car three times over lol

  2. But, the Murano won't keep you up at night and make your boobies sore!

  3. My pick would be baby...but that is also one snazzy car. ;-)

    I keep trying to talk DH into another baby, so far I just get that "look". Men!

  4. Well, cars do sleep through the night right away. But, babies are cuter.


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