Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Loralee Hangover?

Last night was my scheduled Mom's Night Out. I thought my night was going to be kind of lame because I didn't have any Mom's to hang out with but at the last minute....Loralee got a hold of me because the poor thing is stranded in Ogden (welcome to the club) and she wanted to meet for a cup of coffee. I was so excited because I have been wanting to meet Loralee for months now but it never worked out.

We met at Grounds For Coffee which is kind of a dive shop in a questionable neighborhood. It is right by the liquor store which in Utah is a bad place. We drank coffee, talked and compared the size of our ankles. Then we decided to go do something else. But what is there to do in Ogden on a Tuesday night?

Our choices were rather limited.

I discovered that Loralee had not yet seen Sex & The City and I wanted to see it again so I convinced her to go see it. YAY! On our way to The Junction...we saw a Tamale cart in the downtown Ogden park and we decided they were probably the best Tamales in the history of Mexican food.

We got our tickets and had some time to kill so we sauntered down to the park and bought a couple of Pork Tamales. They were great!

There was a young couple already in their seats when we arrived and they promptly left. I think we foiled their plans for Sex & The Theater. Since Loralee is the last woman in the Top of Utah to see the movie, we had the whole place to ourselves! We were able to talk through the entire movie without anyone throwing a soda at our heads. Loralee even danced a little. She has mad dancing skillz! I tried to warn her to avert her eyes during the Miranda/Steve sex scene but she wouldn't listen and is now scarred for life.

I loved seeing the movie again and Loralee is a blast to hang out with. But I woke up with a horrible headache.

I hope it isn't a Loralee hangover!


  1. Oh FUN! I bet you two had a blast in wild and crazy Utah!

  2. Oh my gosh what fun!

  3. Sounds like you guys had a great time. One of my best friends (from elementary school!!) will be in town this weekend and we have plans for....going to coffee and seeing Sex & the City!!

  4. I'm jealous. Sounds like fun. We are so hanging out if you move up north!

  5. Fun!
    Hey, I was just looking for your blog and wasn't on my own computer, and I found this:

  6. Oh no....that blog looks lame.

    Mine is so much better. Thanks for bringing that to my attention Cari!

    If you are going to have to find Loralee. She is awesome!

  7. I had so much freaking FUN. Thank you for making the time in Ogden tolerable!!!! (Sorry I am so late with this comment, I am still recovering!)


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