Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Nature Can

Alex loves to collect rocks and leaves and other fun nuggets that he finds on his walks with Daddy. Poor Daddy ends up carrying these items in his pocket until they get home and put them on Alex's special shelf in the garage.

I found this on a great website the other day and I knew that I had to make one for Alex. And I will make one for Mallory when she gets a little bit older.

I used a smallish Oatmeal box and felt for our can but you can use fabric or paper or whatever you please. I also picked up some bugs, bees and ladybugs from the scrapbook section of the craft store to embellish that can. For the strap....I cut a strip from a camouflage bandana.


  1. That is so cute, it just so happens I have an empty oats box laying around! oh and my 4 year old stuffs her pockets to the gills whenever we go for a walk.

    This may just save my washing machine from torture of rocks, leaves, pinecones in the future.

  2. That is too cute! You are so creative! I love Mallorys hat picture too..adorable!


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