Monday, June 9, 2008


My parents are visiting and so we decided to take advantage of them and go on a date.

I discovered several weeks ago that STOMP would be in Salt Lake for their last performance in Utah the day after my parents arrived. We love live, musical theater so I thought this would be great, especially since I haven't seen many Broadway shows come through lately, if at all.

We got downtown a little early so we decided to go grab a quick drink....which is very difficult to do in Utah because of the ridiculous law that says you have to order food with your drink. We ran into the Blue Iguana which is right next door to The Capital Theater and ordered beers.

Then the waiter insisted that we order food even though we were clearly eating the chips and salsa that was on the table. THAT...was not food. But the flan we ordered counted as food and did not compliment my Corona with lime at all. In fact, it was gross. But the chips and salsa were good!!

I can't believe what I have to go through to get a dang drink in this state!

I pointed out that this would not be an issue in MINNESOTA!

On the way to the The Capital Theater, we noticed that folks were not dressed up. I was expecting this from Utah...these are the same folks that wear sleepwear and rollers to Target. But what we didn't expect was how poorly many people were dressed. Some of these people could have been mistaken for cast from the show if you put a broom in their hands!

The show began and started off great! Lots of rhythmic broom tricks and a little comedy. There were lots of interrupts from people arriving 20-30 minutes late and being seated by the ushers. Including an older couple in front of us who almost went to fisticuffs over the old man not wanting to sit in his assigned seat. We thought she was going to kick his fanny.

The performers are amazing in this show. It was hard for me to believe that we could be so mesmerized, entertained and giddy from laughter when none of them speak a word! There is a part of the show where they use these huge drums and you can feel it in your core! We laughed at the skits that were done with rubber hoses, matchboxes and newspaper! And then...the kitchen sink is also featured.

The was one a black tank top, with muscles....oh my! And he could Stomp like nothing I have ever seen!

We were really impressed with The Capital Theater. It's a really old building, built in 1913 with so much character!

And I have good news....WICKED IS COMING!

And I have bad can only see it if you buy season tickets.

It was great to see a show and get out with The Hubby...but Salt Lake theater just doesn't have the magic that Denver has. Buell Theater and Downtown I miss thee!

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