Thursday, November 29, 2012

I Really Want It Right Now

I wrote most of this post before I went on my trip and then forgot to post it.  Little did I know that there was a VERY good reason for this.  You'll have to read to the end to find out why.

You may recall a few weeks ago I told you that Ian Axel had joined forces with his friend Chad and they formed A Great Big World.

Their album dropped yesterday on October 30th and it's fantastic! Just six songs and for sale on iTunes for just $5.94, I think you'll enjoy it as much as I do.

I know you're dying to favorite song is Rockstar. Each time I listen to it I think about my kiddos and the fantastic futures they have in front of them.  I love uplifting and positive music and this fits the bill!  

Side note: After listening to the album 5000 times, my new favorite song is I Really Want It.

Thank you Ian and Chad for a great album.  And come on already!!!  Come to Denver!

So that is the post I wrote a month ago.  Early Sunday morning, I opened an email from my husband that had been sent the night before while I was fast asleep.  It was the invitation to the Double Encore Holiday Party.  I've been waiting for this invitation for weeks to discover where it would be this year and to know the time so I could finalize my babysitter.

Imagine my surprise and delight to discover that A GREAT BIG WORLD is playing the holiday party. 

I started jumping up and down and silently cheering because it was 5:30am and my kids were asleep.  And then I started to cry.  Have you ever cried because you were so happy and excited about something?

So...this Saturday night, I'll be with Ian and Chad and listening to their music in person! 


  1. Making a note to download this the next time I'm buying on iTunes!

    I cried with happy excitement the day the Ottawa Senators beat out the Buffalo Sabres to advance to the Stanley Cup Finals. No joke. It was one of the happiest days of my life.

  2. Yea!! How awesome! Sounds like it will be an awesome party

  3. Well, I have NO idea who either of these people are, but I'm am really happy for you because I know that feeling.
    Have a wonderful time!

  4. that's awesome! what a great surprise!! I'll have to check them out!

  5. Wow- that's cool! You HAVE to tell them this story when you see/stalk them at the party. Or maybe have a business card preprinted with this blog post address on it so they can check it out themselves. Just sayin'.....


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