Wednesday, November 21, 2012


My kids are out of school all week for Thanksgiving Break and we're having a great time. One thing we did was go to the library and check out some books. They love it!

I laugh every time, because Mallory always runs up to this statue and sits on it's lap. She calls her Grandma.

Her Grandma reads all the time (must be where I get it from) and she loves sitting close with this reminder of her sweet Granny who lives so far away.


  1. We have a statue like that outside of our library but it's a guy drinking a Coke. The kids have posed with him for years (some day I will put a book together of pics through the years).

  2. I need to visit the library more, I always forget that you can get books for free!

  3. ha! Love this! We have two big lion statues standing guard outside of our town's community center (placed there by the local Lion's Service Club that uses the hall most of the time), and I've always liked to sit on them. Granny's lap I'm sure would be more comfy than a lion's back, though. ;)

  4. I love it that they love the library!! Mine do too!

  5. that is hysterical! I need to find the library in our new town. glad you mentioned this because it is now on my to do list!

  6. At our library, we can rent digital copies of books. Who knew?!

    We have no such statue outside, but I wish we did. That's a great idea to take a pic and make a book of those pics from over the years.


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