Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Universal Orlando

Universal Orlando has two sides.  Islands of Adventure and the less fun side.  This side is more about movies and although it does have rides (and roller coasters), it also has a faux New York and Hollywood street.  My kids were not very impressed with how real it all looked.

I was very impressed that faux New York had a real Starbucks and I went there to drown my sorrows in a Cranberry Muffin and a Chai Tea Latte.

Side note: We visited this park on the day after the election.

We did perk up however, and enjoyed helping make a movie where we found our new family motto.  And we're....Movin On! We also enjoyed a Simpsons ride that almost made me throw up, a Shrek show, the E.T. ride, and our favorite of all..... Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem!

Look it's Edith! 

This is where I embarrassed my entire family because I hadn't been taking full showers in our crappy little hotel.  Gru has to do a body scan on the group of us about to ride and he shined a spotlight on ME and said that I hadn't showered.  Mallory was mortified!!

We did have a very good meal in faux New York.  Louie's Italian Restaurant doesn't look like much from the front.  In fact, it looks like a tiny pizza joint on a real street in NYC.  This is a counter service restaurant which means if you purchase the meal plan and/or a butterbeer mug, you can get your discounted meal/drinks here.

It is a really authentic looking place with excellent pizza!  Alex gave it two thumbs up!

Click here for to read about what I ate and drank at Universal City Walk.


  1. So glad you had Starbucks there and didn't fling yourself off Hogwarts after the election! That was a tough day indeed.

  2. That pic is adorable.

    I can't believe they body scan people?!!!

  3. It doesn't sound like y'all had a great time...I'm so sorry! Cute pic, though!!! :D

  4. I can't believe the body scan people! but the fact that you got called out is hysterical!!

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