Monday, November 26, 2012

What's My Name?

Ever so often, the kids get ahold of my cell phone and try to call their Dad.

It's usually to tell him to bring home pizza because the smells from the kitchen don't smell good.

Side note: if they don't stop complaining...I'm going to serve Hamburger Helper every night.

They also like to bug Siri with a bunch of questions that she can't answer.

Side note: Thanks to Siri and President Obama I now have TWO pat answers for questions I want to avoid.

  • That is under investigation.
  • Would you like me to search the web for that?

Over the weekend, I was sending an email to myself (you don't do this? It's a great way to remind yourself of things) and I saw that my nickname in my address book was....strange.

Keith thought I'd been hacked!

Yeah....I'd been hacked alright, by a mastermind named Mallory!

Tomorrow...another vacation post.  All about Universal Orlando, the less fun side.  


  1. Love it!!! Sounds like Mallory needs to intern at Double Encore next summer!

  2. Kids now a days are so smart with gadgets. They know how to manipulate it even though its their first time to use it. You have to hide your phones so they won't play with it. lol They are a handful.
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  3. Love kids who know how to use technology to torture their parents!

  4. Classic. She's a smart one, she is.

  5. Lol! That is pretty funny. And love your two ways to answer all questions


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