Friday, June 22, 2012

Dreaming About Orlando

I'm Friday Daydreaming about our NEXT family vacation. A vacation that I was moments away from buying airline tickets for earlier this week. Twice.

 Keith has been telling the kids that we will take them to Orlando to see Harry Potter's house. They talk about little else (except Aunt Bobbi visiting next week) because they get to ride on an AIRPLANE.

Harry Potter Theme Park

Twice this week, I found dirt cheap airfare to Orlando in November.  We worked up a budget and we talked and talked about it.  Then....we measured our 5 year old daughter. 

She's only 45 and a half inches. 

She needs to be 48 inches to ride Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey.  At this point....that ride IS the Forbidden Journey.

I suggested platform shoes and a bouffant hairdo.  

Instead, we decided to wait until she grows the 2.5 inches because we don't want her to miss out.

So I sit here.....dreaming about Universal Studios Orlando and The Hard Rock Hotel.

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  1. AWE!!!!!!! SO close - but it will be worth it to go when M can actually ride the rides!!!

    Thanks for linking up today!


  2. As the parent of a vertically challenged toddler, I feel your pain. I can't wait to take our kids there!

  3. I knew I loved your thinking.

    High heels ALWAYS help a girl out!


  4. It sucks to have to wait, but there's no point going to Universal if you can't ride the Forbidden Journey, and it's really not a ride that I'd feel good about pushing those safety limits on. Just keep feeding her carrots and spinach (uhh..don't tell her I said that) and she'll be there in no time.

  5. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is amazing - and worth the wait! Make sure you toughen her up while she's growing too - my 8 year old was traumatized when we got off Forbidden Journey! She recovered quickly though and was happy she had done it!

  6. November is a great budget friendly time to go to Florida. Since its still technically hurricane season (though there is barely rain let alone a hurricane in my experience) flights hotels and golf for those that may be inclined are dirt cheap! As for the height do you read Peas and Thank You? She had just this issue and did the hair and shoes trick with much success. Although you could just book last minute if we makes the cut or at least is a little closer. Bon voyage!

  7. Well, that's one way to get her to eat her veggies and drink her milk! Tell her it'll help her grow tall enough to ride Harry Potter! :o)

  8. Bummer! So close. But yes, better to wait until everyone could enjoy it. Alex already is 48"- she is going to be a tall girl

  9. oh that sounds so fun! boo for being too short :/

  10. I am so sorry :( So close but I agree that it would be miserable for her if she couldn't do all the rides with her brother. As hard as it is, it is good to wait. My first time my sister and I were over 48 and it was so much fun!


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