Friday, June 1, 2012

End of Year School Gifts

CLICK HERE to see this years Teacher Gift!

I knew that I wanted to put together something for my son's teacher for the end of the school year.  As you recall, our original teacher is very ill and was unable to continue teaching the class.  In April, this lovely teacher took over and has done an amazing job!

My original idea was a summer basket.  I was going to put a number of things (beach towel, sunglasses, insulated drink cup) into a straw handbag......and then I saw the paper plate caddy at Target and I knew that I could use it to hold some fun items!

The only drawback to this gift.  It was a little heavy and my kid asked that I pick something lighter next year!

End of Year Classmate Gift

Alex is not going to 1st grade with his class next year, so I wanted him to be able to give his classmates something to remember him by.  It was a huge hit!  As a side note: going to 4 Target stores to find 19 beach balls in the dollar spot took my mind off the fact that my little boy is going to repeat Kindergarten next year.

Thank you to Tami Wilson Blog for the idea and free printable!

Stay tuned for a post titled: What I Learned in Kindergarten!


  1. I LOVE the beachballs. Very cute.

  2. Awesome ideas... My mom never was that clever when it came to giving gifts to teachers! And I love that you got gifts for Alex's classmates...such a nice idea :)

  3. That beach ball idea is awesome!!! I've never seen a parent give end of the year gifts to the kids. You knock it out of the park every time!

  4. You are SO sweet.
    I haven't even decided if I am going to get something or not!

  5. those are amazing!! you are so thoughtful/creative/awesome.

  6. I had not even thought of a gift for my sons teacher--forget about my daughters teachers (13 between them thank you very much) plus life in general with a high school student is crazy! But when my sons teacher sent home a little photo album filled with pictures I had to do something!!! SO I did. It was simple yet,(I felt) inspired.

    I loved the lessons learned from Kindergarten. So very true. :)


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