Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dreaming Together

You are probably wondering where I've disappeared to.  I'll put it in list form in no particular order.

  • Sick child that thinks she has bird flu. *how does she know what bird flu is?*
  • The discovery of Dance Moms.  *I'm addicted*
  • Husband working 14 hour days on an app. *i get to tell you about this one*
  • The TV show Dallas. *connie passes wine coolers*
So....I've been tied up.  But not really tied up.  *connie bites her lower lip*

I just finished participating in a Twitter Party from EnlistMom and Pachas Pajamas where we were talking about our children's dreams.

Not the kind they dream at night.

The *what do you want to be* dreams.

It got me thinking about my childhood and what I wanted to be when I grew up.  There was a time when I was 8 that I wanted to be an Avon Lady.  I thought it was the coolest thing that we would go to this woman's house and she would hand my mother a bag of make up and perfume.  

When I was older.....I really wanted to be a hair stylist.  I was really good at doing hair and I loved getting my hair cut.  The gals doing it always looked so great!  Cute clothes and fun hair styles.  However, I was discouraged.  I was told that you have to do a lot of perms to make money.

Instead, someone else decided that I should be a Pilot and Air Traffic Controller.  Seriously? 

That dream was dashed when I failed my written test and could never land the airplane due to air sickness.

No one ever encouraged me to go to college.  Instead, my new dream became moving out of my parents house and getting married.

Now, my dream is fulfilled.  I'm married to a great guy and have the two best kids anyone could ask for.  I consider it my job to make their dreams come true and support them in whatever they decide they want to do.  

What is your child's dream?  What will you do to make it happen?


  1. Isn't that the best job?? I love it too.
    And, I took a test when I was a senior in high school to see what I was going to be best at...a freaking flight attendant. Uh. NO! Basically a waitress in the air!

  2. I envy people who always knew what they wanted to be when they grew up! I changed all the time and even after college, still have no clue! But, I'm content right now being a mom. Now, if my girls have dreams I would do anything to help them reach it!

  3. I think we have the best jobs! and right now Maggie's dream is to be Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I'll support her doing whatever.

  4. It truly is the best job! I get to help not only the kids but my husband with his dreams as well :) Though mama might start work on a little dream of her own soon....time will tell. Z wants to own a Dunkin Donuts in our back yard and drive a Ford truck. Lil'C wants to be Tinkerbell or Pinkalicious. Looking forward to making both come true!

  5. Funny that you wanted to be an Avon lady as a child.
    And yes- ultimately I knew I wanted to be a stay at home mom myself.

  6. You have the job I dream of having one day...
    My "other" dream job - from about the time I was 8 or 9 years old - was to be a writer. By the time high school rolled around, I thought journalism was the way to go, but really I wanted to just be an author. I got a very jaded view of journalism in my late teen years, and ended up not persuing it at all. And now I have a blog. That's about as far as I ever got...
    Sad, huh?

  7. I'm not even sure what I wanted to be when I grew up, probably something dramatic. :)


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!