Friday, October 21, 2011

Who Wouldn't Want a Mommy Make Over?

I've always thought that if I had the resources, I would have plastic surgery to repair what has been destroyed having two children in one year. It's not pretty! The following is a guest post.

Following pregnancy and childbirth, many women - and perhaps even most - are dissatisfied with the physical effects on their bodies. Clearly, the physical stress of pregnancy and childbirth is great in nature, and can leave effects and consequences that last long into the future, or even effects which are permanent. Fortunately, many of the issues that new mothers commonly have with their bodies are correctible through plastic surgery. For example, here are a few of these issues described, as well as ways that people can address them.

Surprisingly, one of the common complaints that new mothers have is that they can sometimes begin to look exhausted. This seems like a temporary problem, but before you know it you may have semi-permanent bags under your eyes, or wrinkles that were not there before, simply because of the physical and emotional stress of raising an infant child. To address this problem, many women look into undergoing facelifts, which essentially use subtle surgery in order to tighten the facial region to preserve a youthful and healthy look.

Many women also find that their breasts are never the same after giving birth to children, and would prefer to have things back to how they were before. Breast augmentation is always an option in this situation, and this doesn't mean that you have to necessarily have larger implants put in. As you can read about at, there are a number of different sizing and reconstructive surgical procedures that are available, some of which can be very helpful in restoring your breasts to their previous size and shape.

Weight loss can also be an issue for new mothers, as it is not always easy to drop all of the weight that is naturally gained during pregnancy. Of course, some of this weight will disappear perfectly naturally‚ however, a lot of women find that they are still significantly heavier having given birth to children. In this situation, there is nothing wrong with looking into a liposuction procedure, which can effectively remove excess fat and restore your body to the way it was before your pregnancy.

These are just a few of the many procedures commonly grouped together under the category of 'mommy makeover' plastic surgery. It is a simple fact that pregnancy leaves lasting effects in women's bodies, some of which can be annoying for the new mother. The procedures listed above, among others, can go a long way toward making you feel healthy and confident following your pregnancy. It is important to recover physically as much as possible following anything as stressful as childbirth.

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  1. informative post! and one I enjoyed reading- thanks for the link! this momma is working on the baby weight so she can get a little nip/tuck :)


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