Thursday, October 13, 2011

Things To Never Ask Your Spouse

I'm lacking inspiration this morning because I had my first Parent-Teacher Conference yesterday. I wish I could tell you that it went well. My heart is heavy today as I sort out what I need to do to help my son while hugging the ever loving sh*t out of him. Man! I love that kid!

So....Mama Kat is always so helpful to have prompts available to choose from. I selected:

List of 10 things you should never ask you spouse.

1. Who the hell is Pilar? Asked while looking at your husband's facebook friends.

2.  Do you know where your going?  Asked while he's driving.  Anywhere.

3.  Are you done yet?  No comment.

4.  What's that smell?  Asked in bed.

5.  Do you know what today is?  Asked on the anniversary of the day you watched the TV show Ed together and he realized that he loved you.

6.  Have you gained weight?  Asked when he accidentally tries to put your jeans on.

7.  How do I look?  Just...don't do it.

8.   Do we have to watch Mythbusters?  Self Explanatory

9.  What is your password?  Asked when trying to access his email to look for messages from Pilar.

10.  What, are you wearing? This is different than what at you wearingwink wink

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  1. Thanks for your blog post. Mine was the same topic. You had some clever ones I didn't think about. A few of ours were the same just I get too wordy. Stopping by from Mama kats

  2. I've learned to just never ask him anything. Especially, "is it okay if I buy this?" Forgiveness is easier than permission... or however that saying goes.

  3. I think I'd be asking about Pilar too. Just the name conjures all sorts of wrong images in my head!

    Stopping by from Mama Kat's.

  4. Man, I HATE Pilar! Always tryin' be all witty and making her default pic. all hot an stuff...

    Great list :D

    Stopping over from Mama Kat's!

  5. omg, what's that smell? LOL You make me laugh so much. I'd be checking out the Pilar thing too. ;)

  6. Number 5 is so sweet! And number freaking true. UGH. LOL

  7. I love this list!!!! Esp the one about "what's that smell?"

    So...should I be worried that when I asked my hubby who "Jill" was on his friends list on FB, he said, "Oh, she's my ex-girlfriend from my college days..."

  8. BTW, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the name of your blog!!!

  9. I am sorry that conferences didn't go well. I totally understand. My very first conference that we have for Hayden was not good either. Adjusting to Kindergarten is hard. Hand in there, you both will get it.


  10. But seriously - inquiring minds want to know: Who the hell IS Pilar?

    P.S. I was missing the Connie Diaries today. For some reason I thought about something you wrote in which your boyfriend had a comb in his back pocket and you had a BRUSH in yours. Still not clear on the logistics of having a brush in your back pocket...

  11. Those are some great questions and sometimes I slip up and ask them. For us though it's not mythbusters but some cheesy action movie from the 90's.

  12. Did you just say that he tried to put your jeans on?

    I like the name Pilar. I may steal it if we have a baby boy one day. ;)

    What stinks in your bed? Did you fart under the covers?

  13. Sorry the conference didn't go well :( Hope things get better.

    Luckily my husband has hardly any friends on FB so I don't have to worry too much.

  14. I have had to ask the question what's that smell too often!

  15. What's with the comment box being gone? Connie, you know I need to reference the post while leaving my comment!

    I have nothing now, expect Babe has NEVER had to ask me what smelled while in bed, ok maybe once but it was funny!

  16. I just never ask Matt anything - it always gets me in trouble :) Something to do with my 'tone', apparently....

  17. LOL Good advice! Big hugs to you and to E.

  18. who is Pilar? I'm out of the loop apparently

  19. I loved that you said you are trying to figure out what to do to help your son all the while hugging the ever loving shit out of him... so something I would say! LOL.


    Don't ask a guy anything that you know for sure he doesn;t know how to answer the way you want him to! Good rule of thumb huh!

  20. I dated Pilar and she sucks in bed.

  21. LMAO!!! Too funny! And what's wrong with Mythbusters? I like that show! :D

  22. I remember that first conference last year; it was tough. I hope time helps, but I know hugs definitely don't hurt. Did what she said sound right to you or not? Trust your gut. And funny -- you've still got the funny.

  23. Love this list! Could probably save me and my husband a few arguments! Because my DH is a submariner, I would add, "When are you leaving again?" (usually asked about an hour after an argument, when I'm trying to work on schedules and he's still fuming about the argument ... oops!)

    P.S. I'm your Snail Mail partner, finally stopping by!! Love your blog!

  24. Definitely NEVER ask "what's that smell" while you're in bed - P.U.
    Love your list!!


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