Friday, May 27, 2011

What You Missed....

Every now and again....a catch up post is needed because stuff happened that didn't make it into a blog post.

Laundry Room Update:

This week....there has been a crew here rebuilding the basement and laundry room.  They found asbestes so there has also been a hazmat crew here. Good Times....


Have you ever noticed that when you don't like see it everywhere?

Squirrel Concealer
If this concealer is made from dead squirrels....I'll buy it!

When I'm 64:

I've discovered that when I'm old....I'm going to be that lady that yells at kids that are on her lawn.  I'm already one step away from Gladys Kravtiz.  Some kid stuck a gogurt container in the grill of my SUV and they trapsed their muddy feet around in front of my apartment.  I wanted to buy this sign...but iKeith wouldn't let me.


Last week....Alex had an evaluation for Kindergarten.  This charter school is serious business!  Wednesday we had an appointment with the Kindergarten Team to find out how he did. I discovered that being home schooled by Nick Jr isn't really working out for us.  If you want to know more about how this meeting me at for the full story. I should have known that his day was going to go wrong for me.  First I dropped a carton of eggs on the floor, then the cantaloupe was rotten.  Last we left the school. I broke my sunglasses.

On the way home, I made iKeith stop at the liquor store by our house.  They know me there now.  I seem to always feel obligated to tell him why I'm buying a four bottle of wine.  I'm sure he loves my excuses.  I explained that my son was starting Kindergarten in the fall and I'm stressed out.  He advised me to switch to boxed wine in August....and he asked me if I knew my glasses where broken.

What I Did When I Should Have Been In Austin:

I was supposed to go to Austin last weekend.  I really wanted to go but finances didn't allow it.  I had a genius plan to sell my Canon Rebel to my bother in law Robert.  He's rolling in dough and always borrowing my camera when he travels.  He said he wanted to buy it....and then said he couldn't afford it. There went my plans.  I was really bummed! Lesson Learned: Even a gay man will not buy the cow when the milk is free.

I was in Austin in spirit and the ladies were nice enough to text and tweet me the entire weekend.  We sent funny pictures and videos back and forth and it was almost like I was there.  Here is a sample.

Friday of the ladies (IA) tweeted me her phone number.  Sunday....I discovered that she had accidentally sent me the wrong number.  In the meantime, I sent ALL OF THOSE VIDEOS to some stranger.  When I started inquiring as to WHERE he was...he finally informed me that his name was TOM and that he didn't know me.

To see a video of really happened in Austin visit Becca's blog, and you could also win a prize.  You will even see a picture of ME in the video (i'm wearing a mask). And if you like her video and want her to make one for you...she does that too.


  1. Ouch. Laundry room almost as important as bathroom.

    I don't get the connection between Squirrels and a make up concealer but I'm sure there is a great reason for it.

    You can email me with the full story if you want. I know exactly how those meetings with the Kindergarten can drive a girl to drinking.

  2. Btw, twice in my life I called somewhere and began to blurt really private stuff before the person on the other side informed me that I had the wrong number.

    So glad I'm not alone with that. :D

  3. I hope that TOM enjoyed the pictures and videos you sent him!

    I love that the guy recommended boxed wine to you, haha. Like you'd ever bring your classiness level down like that.

    Of course I'm willing to listen about Alex's Kindergarten experience - I don't even want to think of what it's like now. I remember going in and getting my bunny pin with my name and chatting with my teacher and I was good to go for the year. Now it seems like kids need to be able to add before they go in...I mean wth?

  4. You said a Christy Barbie! Ummmm! I'm telling!

    Ok...I sent you the wrong number? HUH? Didn't I tweet 867-5309? I figured you would know that was a joke. But there was a lot of adult beverage drinking so I could be completely wrong. Maybe I dreamed about doing that. Who knows with me.

    I loved the pic of us together. It was super cute! =)

  5. IA...I thought you were out of the closet! :)

  6. HAHAHAHA! Malorie, I'm scared of them too. Don't worry.
    Hey, what is up with the school???

  7. It's a good liquor store when they know you by name, just sayin' :)

  8. Your son will do just fine! He will catch up quickly and you have all summer to work with him on things.

  9. I love that you found Barbie/Blogger look alikes! And that M is scared of the Austin ladies, lol!

    Uh-oh, what's going on with the school? Sounds like a miserable day :(

  10. asbestos...special. poor you!

    i am pretty sure i would never put dead squirrel on my face, unless it made me look REALLY fabulous!

    neighborhood kids...get the sign.

    Nick Jr. bwah hahahaha

    love the video and the Barbies...that first one really does look like

    I am a little skeeeerd of them after seeing the video too...

    IA told me she didn't text anyone. she lies.

  11. There is just so much awesomeness in one post, I don't even know what to comment on! Buah....
    Loved the picture of the broken glasses.
    I had a neighbor that used to yell at us kids for being on her lawn....not good times. LOL
    I think the fact that you took all those videos and sent it to the wrong phone is hilarious! Your daughter is so cute by the way! Saying they scared her! HAHA

  12. I love that they know you at the liquor store. If you need to vent shoot me an email. I'm always open to commiserate with.

    Hope you get your laundry room back soon.

  13. Funny! Funny! Funny! That is all


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!