Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What I Wore to Kidnap Jessica Bern

Have I told you about the rain? Every time I wear rains. Utah's rainy May is my fault. And yesterday...chilly and rainy (I was NOT wearing shorts) and I had to turn the heat on.

Saturday was supposed to be rainy but it ended up being perfect and I didn't even have to wear a jacket! I had been planning my outfit for my big night out and I decided that I wanted to wear a red shirt and my new grey pants.

The pants were too tight.

Plan B was this lovely grey cropped jacket with 3/4 sleeves that I bought on clearance at Target and it finally fits me! I put it on and spent a lot of time looking in the mirror. I took my picture and decided that it didn't feel right. I couldn't figure out what it was but I didn't like it.  I consulted with my friend Jennifer Margolin of Red Sole Diary about this and she told me to try a white or black and white striped shirt with the jacket.  I'm going to bring it to San Francisco and see if I can find a shirt to go with it.  Oh and she told me I need some funky jewlery! Thanks for the advice Jen!

Plan C...Red shirt, jeans with my cute little red heels!

Shirt: Macy's
Jeans: Macy's
Shoes: I've had them forever...can't remember!
Jewelry: Juicy Couture and I bought a necklace and earrings at Target 

As you can imagine...Bobbi was in no condition to go to Salt Lake City to help me and Chris kidnap Jessica Bern.  As it was...I had to bring her home with me after her lipo and turn my guest suite into a hospital and I had to put on my nurse hat and tend to Bobbi and the puncture holes all over her body.  She even made me go buy her depends because she was too embarrassed.  Let me tell you....LOVE is being willing to put your sister's dirty underwear in your purse, clean her bodily fluids and change her bandages!  You're Welcome Bobbi.

First of all, you wouldn't believe how much planning it takes to kidnap a celebrity like Jessica Bern.  Chris and I spent hours and hours on the phone last week putting this plan together.  Based on how much I enjoyed talking to her on the phone...I knew this was going to be a fun night. We decided that Chris would be in charge of kidnapping Jessica from her hotel and I was in charge of shopping.  HA!  They met me at Cafe Trio in what is called the Cottonwood part of Salt Lake.  It's right up against the mountains and is just beautiful!

When we arrived I informed the hostess that they were very lucky to have the Jessica Bern from Hollywood in their restaurant and would they please keep an eye out for the paparazzi for us.  Jessica told her that she really hates when people interrupt her meal to ask for an autograph.  She also told us that she sometimes get's mistaken for Jennifer Aniston. We held Jessica captive for a couple hours and forced her to eat this giant meatball and Tollhouse Cookie Pie with Ice Cream.

Look how surprised she is by the size of that meatball!  The amazing thing about being with someone that you really click with is that the time flies by.  I had the best time hanging out and talking with these ladies and Jessica is just so full of energy and I love her accent.  And she's such a cute little thing...I just wanted to put her in my pocket and take her home with me.  Keith would have loved the way, because he has a slight crush on her after I showed him Jessica's commercial reel.

Jessica just did a little commercial for Kodak that is really funny.  I'd love you forever if you could go watch it and leave a comment.

Chris and I are BFF's with Jessica now and she's invited us to Hollywood to stay with her.  Who wants to watch my kids for me?

P.S. I'm a dork and didn't get my picture taken with Jessica...or Chris.

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  1. I LOVE the Plan B outfit... such a cute jacket!

    MY LORD... that is ONE big meatball!

  2. You're so good about bloggy follow-up. I'm sure Jessica will love the tribute post. Was fun just visiting with other women and eating a meal not prepared by me. I know photo documentation is the Holy Grail of blogging, so we probably should have taken a group photo, but my husband often says... it's sometimes nice to simply enjoy the moment instead of document/record it. [Because you and Jessica are BIG stars, I should have been the official recorder. Would have been good PR. Next time I'll do my job better. :-)]

  3. @ Rebecca Jo...I think with the right will be perfect.

    @Chris...Love talking to you last week and you are my favorite eating in SLC companion! We need to get together a bunch more times before I move.

  4. Love your outfits - the jacket rocks and you look fab in it!!

    I love your Jessica "kidnap" story - what a great time!! You two ought to do a commercial together!!

  5. How totally FUN!!!! Hmmmm...who can I kidnap in Austin?????

    Also, maybe a short sleeved shirt under the jacket? So you can see the bottom of the shirt peeking out but not the sleeves?


  6. You were having too much fun to take pictures! I too love that plan B outfit! I want one!! Will you come here to go shopping with me? I'm no celebrity, but you can kidnap me ;) Hope Bobbi's feeling better soon.

  7. i just added the linky to my post if you want to link back up!

  8. LOVE that 'lil jacket!!!

    The red shoes are too darn cute, I'd break a toe or 2! :)

    Thanx for sharing & popping in!

  9. I am so jealous that you got to meet and kiddnap Jessica. I just love her.

  10. So much fun Connie! I thought you looked great in your outfits. I agree about the striped shirt BTW.

    You are such a great sister - I hope Bobbi is feeling better! Hey, I live right up by where you went to dinner!


  11. love love love the first outfit! So stinkin cute! Also, thank you for the comment on my last post. I didn't know that you also had issues with that. And now you have these two beautiful children! Gives me hope! xoxo

  12. I think the first outfit looks awesome, but I love the red shirt, too!

  13. My fave is the red shirt one... but I'm partial to shades of red!!! Good color for you!!

    SO FUN... kidenapping Jessica!! She's a RIOT!! LOVE HER!! ;D

  14. I like the jacket - you'll have to post a pic once you find a shirt you like better! Funny, I have a very similar jacket in black from Old Navy, has the 3/4 sleeves, and I never knew what to wear with it, and ended up in a black turtleneck. I'm going to try some other things now :)

    Have to admit, I'm not really sure who Jessica is (I'm lazy about following links...sorry!) but it looks like you had a fun time! And I agree with Chris's husband, sometimes it is nice to just enjoy the moment and not worry about documenting with pictures :)

  15. First - I soooo wish I could have come to your dinner (3 of my favorites!). Second - I love that jacket - adorable. Third - you are a very good sister. Dirty underwear could be a deal breaker for many...

  16. Sounds like a fabulous night. What an incredible meat ball! Holy Moly. the jacket you look great in it, the red is FAB as well!


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