Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dear Summer Please Visit Utah

In an effort to cut back our expenses...I've decided to resist using the Air Conditioning until the outside temps reach 86 degrees. I was thinking I could wait until it hits 90 degrees but our bedrooms are on the top floor and two of the bedrooms face the west. It gets hotter than a whore in church up there and I the kids have a hard time falling asleep.

Based on the temp this morning and the fact that there is FROST on my deck....I think it will be August before I need to turn the AC on.  I had to preheat my coffee mug, iKeith had to wear a jacket to work and the kids are bundled up in blankets on the couch like it's a snow day. arrive in just a few days?  Have you forsaken Utah?

Fresh dusting of snow on Ben Lomond Peak!

taken at 8:45am

taken at 4:00pm

8:45am.....43 degrees burrrr
9:24am....52 degrees! Woot!
10:59am...58 degrees!
1:05pm.....62 degrees!
4:00pm......64 degrees!


  1. OMG. Girl you need to check out our weather underground. It is SCORCHING down here. For real. Hottest summer I can remember in a long time.

  2. I feel your pain. The last couple of days we haven't even made it out of the fifties! What?! The handful of times we've actually seen the sun this year we've been outside enjoying every minute of it.

  3. Still just blows my mind...we are in the 80s over night!!

  4. Well you will not have to turn on the a/c for those temps. Stay warm.

    I live outside of Washington, DC and it has been so hot and humid. I think it is from all the "hot air" coming out of many senators, congressman, etc.

  5. Yet another reason to check out Austin...we were in the 90's and in the pool by noon!!


  6. Brrrr! We are around 60 degrees in WA today, but it doesn't get nearly as cold at night!

  7. First can I just say WOW!!!!! on that view.

    Hopefully it will get warm soon. We made it to the pool finally today here in the Chicagoland area. Lots and lots and lots of rain lately!

  8. Obviously, I need to move to Utah. It's 100 here and I'm OVER IT. Three months to go...can I come stay with you?

  9. Thats it...I'M MOVING TO UTAH!

    It is hotter than HELL up in here. 97 degrees today...we can't even work upstairs in the nursery b/c our A/C unit doesn't cool the upstairs very well AT ALL.

    When I move to UT, I promise a few things:

    1) I won't drink ANY wine for the next 2 months
    2) I will make you upside down Pineapple martinis as a sign of my thanks
    3) Cooper comes with me, but he's a VERY good dog and doesn't bark
    4) I'll only stay for a few months until the Heat up here subsides
    5) I won't kick your kids asses during the "I love mommy more" arguments...I was kidding when I said that.


  10. Last weekend we had driving intense rain and it was followed with my roof leaking, but our temps have gone back to the 90's. What's up Utah???


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!