Friday, June 18, 2010

Not For The Faint of Heart

I spent 4 hours in the ER with iKeith last night.  Ever since he started working in Utah he's had *spells* where he thinks he's having a heart attack.  Two years ago, he had a full body scan and we found out that there is nothing wrong with his heart and that he was experiencing inflammation in his chest (from a car accident in 1996) that was caused by stress.

Yesterday he had a burning sensation in his arm and he'd been having chest pains since Monday...when he returned to work. 

After multiple tests and x-rays and EKG's they determined that there is nothing wrong with his heart (again).  They gave him an anti-anxiety med and he immediately felt better.  I've thought since the beginning that this was anxiety and not heart related but I'm not a doctor.  It just so happens that iKeith had chastised me for being stressed out the day before telling me there's nothing we can do about what's going to happen....yada, yada, yada.  My stress doesn't send me to the sends me to the liquor store.  Just sayin'...

Here's what I learned from my experience in the ER last night:

  • iPhones & iPads don't work in the ER.
  • I go slightly mad when I can't tweet or text.
  • The ER is nothing like Grey's Anatomy.
  • Dr Phil didn't look anything like McDreamy.
  • Nurses bring you coke with crushed ice in the ER.
  • Ladies that wear suits shouldn't wear tennis shoes.
  • Hospital computers know too much. 
  • It's freakin cold in the ER.
  • iKeith is funny under the influence of Ativan.
  • A Whopper tastes awesome when you take Ativan.
  • Brownies are the best thing in the whole world when you take Ativan.
  • iKeith needs to know the core ingredients of Brownies.
  • iKeith believes that hypochondria paired with superior intelligence is a dangerous combination.
  • If this keeps up...I'll have to put iKeith in an assisted living home soon.

I finally laid my weary head to rest at midnight and at 2am someone woke up and was missing a stuffed animal that I searched the house for and did not find.  I'm exhausted....

Keep us in your employer in Denver is interested in discussing job opportunities with iKeith next week!


  1. That sounds just like my husband & why we've gone to the ER so many times... but my husband refuses to take anxiety meds... which is driving MY anxiety NUTSO!!!!!

  2. Ugh! What a night! I'm glad to hear he's okay.

  3. Leave it to you Connie to take a night in the ER and turn it into a funny blog post. Love the list. Glad iKeith is feeling better. Hope that Denver job comes through. It sounds perfect for all of you.

  4. so glad iKeith is feeling better. I hate trips to the ER. Maybe a new job will be the best medicine after all.

    Good Luck to him next week.

  5. So glad that he was ok!

    Praying that you will get good news from Denver!

  6. So glad it was not heart related. Stress is really bad for our bodies. He needs to find a way to release some of his stress. And obviously he is stressed--who would not be in his situation. ((HUGS)) to you both.

    I hope (and will pray) he gets a job in Denver next week. I know you all want to go back home.

    I so love the ER list--so true!!!

  7. Will trade prayers for Ativan. Kidding. I'll pray for free, but Ativan is awesome. That is what they gave me for anxiety when I was in the hospital with Bud. I wish I still had some.

  8. Glad everything turned out alright.

    And its cold in the ER b/c us nurses are workin' it. ;)

  9. I'm crossing my fingers and toes for iKeith regarding the job. Hard to walk, but you guys are worth it. So glad there's no major cardiac issue -- been there with my dad and those ER visits are so stressful. You really wrote a very funny post but still captured the whole frightening scenario. Also, BAD timing on the stuffed beast. They really have poor timing, those stuffed animals.

  10. I'm sorry! Thank goodness Keith is only experiencing anxiety... so scary. Hang in there, you two. I know it's been a difficult year or so. I have a good feeling for you! xo

  11. I'm sure there are lots of employers in St. Louis AND a great psychologist here that would be a great match for iKeith (although, I'm not sure there would be much actual therapy taking place during sessions).

    Glad Keith is OK....even when things turn out just fine, it's still scary being in those situations.

  12. Yuck. I'm so sorry. May you all be feeling less stressed out now.

  13. My dad had chest palpitations for years in his 30's after losing his parents. It was all stress-related, but he was convinced he was going to die! It did wake him up and get him started running though.

    So sorry you had that crappy night - and the 2am wakeup for the stuffed animal? WHY do they DO that? Grrrr.

    Hang in there - I hope iKeith has a good talk with Denver next week! (So you're cleaning house - are you moving there regardless or just prepping??)

  14. Sorry about your night in ER, not good! Glad to hear ikeith is okay, and sending prayers for many job opportunities!! Yeah, your post was funny under stressful situation. (I wish I could do that!)

  15. The hospital Er and waiting room is exhausing!! I may be having anxiety attacks!!

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  16. How in the world did I miss this entire incident! I am so glad he is okay. Anxiety blows, big time. Glad he doesn't get hormone induced anxiety or maybe he does. Sending lots of good vibes for the interview.

  17. I'm glad he's ok (or at least not having heart troubles). I also REALLY enjoyed your lessons!!! haha!

  18. Glad he is okay...again....anxiety sucks. I just get crankier when I have it. Mickey thought he was having a heart attack once and we spent the afternoon in the ER. Scary...and he had probably just pulled a muscle.

    Thinking good new job thoughts!


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