Friday, June 11, 2010

I Left My Hope in San Francisco

I've been training all week for the big day...the day I would walk out of my comfort zone of Union Square! I wanted to go to Japantown and find some cool gifts for the kids (and for a giveaway) and after talking to Denise at Eat,Play,Love I knew where I needed to go.

Walking to Japan town might not have been my best idea. It was 1.2 miles according to my iPhone GPS but it was mostly uphill. Not straight uphill....just a gradual hill.

It kicked my badonkadonk.

My second mistake was not eating before I left my hotel because I couldn't find a Starbucks to save my life. I finally found a little place that had coffee and muffins AND THEN after I ate found an awesome bakery. That figures.

I purchased some great gifts for my family (and a lucky blog friend) and I was starting to walk back when iKeith called to see if I wanted to go to lunch. I told him I was in another country (japan town) but that I would hail a cab and be there in 5 minutes.

We had lunch at Annabelle's and it was great!

I spent the afternoon in my suite was heavenly.

iKeith came home and we walked to China Town for dinner. These hills really kicked my badonkadonk and an old woman carrying 18 rolls of toilet paper passed me.

We ate at Hunan Homes and it was the best Chinese food I've ever had!

As we were leaving China Town I got a tweet from my friend Monica that there had been bad news from NASA and that most likely everyone will be let go in the next couple weeks. I was in shock...I thought we had more time.

I'm so thankful that iKeith and I were able to take this trip together and I'm praying that this trip results in a job. He's made some great contacts and he has learned so much.

I was going to do some last minute shopping today before heading home but I think the best use of my time would be to sit on the corner with a sign...Down on my Luck, Husband works for NASA!

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  1. Oh Connie! I am so sorry to hear about iKeith's job. I am praying that something comes up right away.

    I am glad you had a fun time in San Francisco. I went to China town when I went there last time and my sister and I got a little lost and saw some crazy things!

    Have a safe trip back.


  2. Connie, I am so sorry about iKeith's job. I will keep praying a great job finds him soon.

    I am glad you had fun in SF. Have a safe trip home!


  3. Connie..i am sorry about the NASA news. Really.

    you wrote badonkadonk!!!!! I love that word.

  4. You totally stole my word! LOL And after walking all those hills you will have a fantastic badonkadonk.

    And now serious stuff, when God closes a door he opens a window. Keep the faith girl. It is going to get better.

  5. Oh, so sad about NASA. I HOPE it's not too late....but I am so glad Keith had this opportunity (and that you got to go too). I totally love that you call him iKeith.

    Hope your badonkadonk feels betters soon!

  6. Ugh! That sucked the air out of me!!!!

    Praying for you & all the NASA folks!


  7. Connie, that sucks!!! I will be praying for a WONDERFUL job for iKeith. (The best name ever!) Wish that didn't have to cloud this trip up for you guys ...

  8. I am so sorry connie!!!!! I will keep you guys in our prayers!!

  9. Thanks everyone!

    We're home now and will be taking the Grandparents to the airport tomorrow.

    Monday we start planning for the end....

  10. I'm sorry for the news. It makes me sad for you guys. In other news, I am happy you made it to Japan town, that seems like quite the effort. I wish I could've joined you there!!! I've been tricked by my iPhone GPS, too. Maybe you should down load every trail, it tracks distance and altitude by how much you climb and descend!

  11. Oh Connie, I don't even know what to say. I'm so sorry about the NASA news. I really thought it would all work out in the end. I'm glad you got take the trip, and will be praying for a job for Keith soon.


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!