Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Focus on the Family: June 2010

Wow...May sure went by fast. Next thing you know I'll be back from San Francisco and wondering what happened! I wasn't very good about getting things done my list last month but having surgery kind of messed everything up.

Family Time....quality time together.
  • Family Outings (bookstore, movie, bowling)
  • Celebrate Father's Day
  • Plant herbs
  • Bake something together

Kid Time....play and preschool.
  • See Shrek The Movie   Toy Story 3
  • Get a library card
  • Practice writing letters
  • Really Start Geo-Caching (one per week)

Me Time....cuz if Mama ain't happy....
  • Read Women, Food and God by Geneen Roth 
  • Read Love, Loss and What I Wore by Ilene Beckerman
  • Restart The Shred
  • Girls Night to see SATC2

Couple Time....all because two people fell in love.
  •  2nd Honeymoon to San Francisco

Home Time....it's where the heart is.
  • Declutter and plan for possible move
  • Americana Theme for Summer
  • Start planning for Christmas


This month....I'm grateful for my husband. He did an amazing job of taking care of me and our kids while I was laid up getting my wisdom teeth removed. It's not easy for me to relinquish control but he made it easy. With all of the uncertainty we're dealing with...it sometimes feels like Me and Keith against the world. One thing I know for sure...we're good at taking care of each other. 

You're my bread when I'm hungry
You're my shelter from troubled winds
You're my anchor in life's ocean
But most of all, you're my best friend.
~Don Williams...You're My Best Friend


  1. Sounds like a fun-filled June!!


  2. Love that song.

    We saw the movie this weekend. It was cute.

  3. What is geo caching? And I was just told by my cousin to read Woman, Food, and God. I may have to purchase that!

  4. There is nothing better than having a husband you know you can depend on, no matter what.

    As for you lists -- I saw both Shrek with the kids and SATC2 with a girlfriend and had fun both times!

  5. Didn't May just whiz by? And I think June and July are going to follow suit - my step-daughter arrives soon and we just have lots going on! At least you DON'T have to worry about surgery in June and your fun trip is almost here!! :)

  6. I love this while post. Gives me the warm fuzzies!!!!

  7. sounds like fun!!

    I want to go to SATC2 but as of yet no one has wanted to go with me. Looks like I will be making my fiance go with me.. lol I am sure he will love it..


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!