Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Why I haven't written!

Things have been just a wee bit crazy around here. I have been home for two weeks and it has taken this long to get back into our routine. I left a detailed list of instructions for Hubby when I left for Rehab and when I asked him how it first he said nothing. And then he said that his Mom got on his case for not sticking to the routine. I'm well aware that my husband isn't fond of routine and on the weekends I loosen up the reins and try to be more flexible but there really is a reason for my madness.

Anyway, we were on our way to getting readjusted when the sickness came. Again, Daddy didn't follow Mommy's rules and hands were not cleaned after going to the park and touching all of the surfaces that other kids dirty, nasty little hands have touched and Alex got sick. Vomit. Everywhere. I knew it was just a matter of time before poor little Mallory and her preemie immune system got it.

Mother's Day. Mallory woke up with a 101.3 fever and Alex had a relapse...vomit. This time in my bed and on Sam!! Sam desperately needed a bath so I snuck him away long enough to send him through the washer & dryer. Luckily, Mallory never threw up but she felt badly and her nose is still running. We have a play date on Friday so I hope her nose is cleared up by then.

And now...I have the man-child in bed sick. He has a Man Cold. Please click on Man Cold. This is my husband...just not british. You see, I have taken care of all of these sick people and yet.

I'm. Not. Sick.

And do you know why? Because if I get sick. Who is there to take care of me? I think that is why God gives Mother's super human strength and immunity systems. Because if we get sick we are screwed.

So...I am almost caught back up and Thank Cards are going out today.

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