Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Vacation or Rehab?


a period spent away from home or business in travel or recreation

re·hab, re·ha·bil·i·tate

to restore to a former capacity

Vacation is what you take when you can't take what you've been taking any longer.
Cowardly Lion (Wizard of Oz)

I'm still amazed that there are some people in the world that think that staying home with my children is not a job. That I don't work. And since I don't have a job, I certainly didn't deserve a vacation. So I decided to call it REHAB! I was in desperate need of rehab, since I had worked for 732 days without a day off. On call 24 hours a day. And I don't just take care of two small children....I have a husband that needs me too. It is beyond a full time job.

Rehab was great! I did a lot of shopping, finding many great outfits and a cute pair of shoes. I had my make up done by a super cute gay man at Sephora at the Northpark Mall. I told him that I needed something to make my eyes pop because I am a SAHM and I am blending into the couch. He did not disappoint and I am now the proud owner of Lancome Mascara, Fresh Eyeshadow in Corazon Del Mar and a Make Up Forever Black Eyeliner!

We saw a couple movies and throughly embarrassed the concession stand guy (Josh) who had some difficulty completing our order because of me and Bobbi's hotness. He was so flustered! We went to see Baby Mama, it was great! Very funny and it made me want anover baba weally bad. And it provided a new use for Pam kitchen spray!

The next day we went to see Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Mainly because we heard that there was full frontal MALE nudity. There was PEEPEE and we loved it. It was so freakin funny and we got our new life mantra from it. When life gives you lemons...@&$% the lemons and Bail!! Also...The weather outside is weather! LOL!

I met my internet friends Kristen and Aimee and we enjoyed some fabulous Margarita's together and made fun of a man in a white linen suit. I also insulted a bell hop. But in my defense, what I said came out wrong. We were having a fabulous time and then Texas weather hit and we had to leave quickly to escape a Twister! I suppose it is just as well. Two Top Shelf Margs and I was drunk dialing my husband and singing Milli Vanilli songs to him. know it's true! **a note about the picture. In Utah, it is very dry. Imagine a parched sponge. Take that sponge to Texas, add 95% humidity and tequila. I don't think I am that large in real life. I think I was bloated.

Back in the day, when I lived in the big city. I used to enjoy going to the theater and having fabulous sushi. I decided that I wanted to share this with my family so I got tickets to The Wedding Singer Musical. It was great! I just love live singing and dancing! The Music hall at Fair Park is a great venue. A note to people that go to the theater. DRESS UP!!
Business casual for a matinée does not mean jeans. And please, no flip flops!

Then we went to The Blue Fish on Greenville. It was awesome! I have had what I consider very good sushi and I have had sushi in Utah so I think I know great sushi when I see it. If you ever have the pleasure of eating here you have to have the Ahi Tower It is a Tuna tartar, snow crab, avocado salad, rice tower with wasabi sauce that is to die for!! It come out in this pretty stack and then the server smashes it all up for you and you gobble it up! We had a Caterpillar roll (eel & cucumber, topped with avocado, served with eel sauce) and Unagi Nigiri Roll and then I wanted my Dad to experience my favorite sushi roll.

Ikura with Quail Egg!

Isn't it beautiful? My Dad said he felt like he was on Fear Factor! And if you like Sake...try the Sho Chiku Bai. See if you can sit at Somalin's table! She is a great server!

If you know me very well, you know that I love Target. It pains me that I do not live closer to a Target and that the Target's here in Utah are missing a key ingredient that makes them wonderful. They do not have Starbucks. Well, I'm about to tell you something that will make you squeal with glee. I'm getting all sweaty and warm just thinking about it. What I'm about to tell you has replaced my sexual fantasy of doing it with Henry from Ugly Betty. Are you ready?

They sell Wine at Target!

I know, right! Isn't that freaking awesome? Starbucks AND Wine, IN Target!

I did lots of sleeping, reading and visiting with my family! It was really nice to get away but I missed my husband and kids so much. They were so happy to see me when I returned home and I think they appreciate what I do a little more.

Here is a picture Bobbi took of me with her phone before the theater. If you look in the can see her. She flattened my hair for me. Oh and see...I'm not as puffy. LOL!


  1. I'm so glad you had fun in Rehab!

    I've missed you!

    I've been...busy with work. I know, I know, the excitement is too much to take.

  2. Your friggin halarious Con Con. Love the sponge comment!!! You look gorgeous in the pick Bobbi took!

  3. Ok I am so freaking jealous that you all got to meet up PLUS you got to eat sushi! I think everyone needs to make a trip to Atlanta. =) Loving the wine in Target. Man I would set up residency in there if we had wine at ours. hahaha!

  4. When I went to MN, I about squeed with happy at the Starbucks in Target! Swoon...


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!