Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Alex!! *updated*

Alex's Birthday was April 20th....we had a great weekend with him celebrating his birthday. His Uncle Robert flew in from Denver and brought a beautiful yummy cake from our favorite bakery! It was awesome and Akex didn't want any of it so I helped Daddy eat his piece.

We took Alex to the Ogden Treehouse Children's Museum where both kids had a great time! Alex ran from activity to activity and we discovered some new things for him to play with. Blocks, drums, bells and a chess set!

Then we went to Roosters for lunch and Alex was too tired to eat. I have never seen this kid reject pizza....EVER!

Alex had a great time opening his presents and helping Daddy put together his Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!

Alex's 2 year Stats!!

Weight: 31.8 lbs 80 th percentile
Height: 35.5 inches 75th percentile
Head: 48 cm 25th percentile

I think he is going to be a big football player with a little head.

***all pictures were taken with the iPhone. Our camera broke and our new one had not arrived yet. I'm so excited about the new camera!!

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