Friday, April 11, 2008

Scenes From A Mall!

Last Saturday, was a little I went to Home Depot and bought some mulch for my flower beds in the hopes that I will get to use it pretty soon and was really surprised to discover that there weren't that many people there. I got what I needed, got right through to a cashier and then to my car in a matter of about 20 minutes. Hubby was surprised to see me home so soon so he decided we should all jump in the car and do something.

Well...I don't do that.

I need to know in advance that we are doing something. I need to pack a diaper bag and mostly...I need make-up. But I decided to throw all caution to the wind and go as I was! We put shoes and jackets on the kids, threw some sippy cups in the diaper bag and we were off like dirty pair of panties! It was getting close to lunch time so we decided that we would go to the Ogden Mall. The drive there was rather pleasant,not much traffic. We found a good parking spot at the mall. Again, usual for a Saturday in Ogden.

We walked in the food court and it was practically empty. There were only five tables of people. Some body builders drinking smoothies, a family of smokers whose baby was crying from the obvious nicotine withdrawals that comes from breathing the fresh mall air. Some old people that got a pass out from the senior living home, some teenagers wearing some really inappropriate footwear and us.

We ate at the Food Court. I love Food Courts! Everyone gets what they want.  Mallory and I shared  Mongolian Chicken and Fried Rice, Alex had Subway and Daddy had Mexican Food. Alex sat in the chair without a booster seat like a big boy!

After lunch we decided to go down to the little play area and let the kids pick up some illnesses, I mean, play on the fun climby things. But on the way there...Daddy stopped off in Spencers and found a fun gift for the men in our life. It is called Stroke on a Rope. If you can't figure out what it Calvin. He would love to splain it to you! I double dog dare you to call and ask him. LOL!

So...back to the story! On the way, we found a brand new arcade that had stuff for the little kids. It was great!! And there was no one there!! Here are the kids on their very first Merry Go Round!!

So we finally made it down to the play area and found some Mexican American kids playing there. And then I figured out what happened. The Rapture had come and taken all the Mormon's to heaven! Dang it!!! I knew we should have joined the freakin LDS church a few months ago when we had the chance! Damn Starbucks all to heck! We were going to hell!

All the way home...empty streets. We didn't have to sit through the arrow three times at each traffic light and we got home in record time. I just kept thinking...I just knew that when the rapture came, I would be shopping.

The next day...I ran to get the newspaper to see the headline. JESUS CAME BACK! But instead, I found out that the Mormon's were all at home watching TV. Saturday was their General Conference with their new President and it was televised.

Next year we're going to the Zoo during the General Conference!

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  1. Youre sooo funny! Glad you had a fun people-free day at the mall!!!


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