Monday, May 26, 2008

I'm Moving to IKEA!

Have you been to this place? IKEA? It is the coolest place and I can't believe that Utah has one. This should really be a lesson to us that we need to venture beyond our comfort zone because we had never been further than the middle of Salt Lake and that was just for a quick trip to buy a crib for Mallory. We thought south Salt Lake was too far.

We discovered that Draper is the promised land*. It is new and fresh and has a huge mall and other shopping. Shopping as far as the eye can see. We drove through with our faces pressed up against the window! And then we got to is such a pretty blue color. We looked at all kinds of things and found some great stuff for the kids. An art easel and some other toys. I found the bed that I want to get for Alex in a few months when he is ready to move to a big boy bed. There is just so much to see!! I can't wait to go back.

We decided to try a new sushi restaurant that I had read about. It is called Tsunami. It is wonderful!! They had all of the fish that we love and they had quail egg. Everything tasted great including the bento box of teriyaki chicken and veggies that we got for the kids. If you have the chance to go...try the Tsunami Martini, it is amazing. The Manager signed us up for the VIP club so we are going to be regulars now. We can't wait to go back.

While we were looking for the restaurant...we found Utah's first Whole Foods Store. I was so excited that I almost peed my pants. We drove past the store on our way out of the area just to make sure it was real and I felt something I haven't felt in Utah since we have been here. I felt just a little bit happy to be here. Steve thinks it was the Martini.

I-80 is undergoing major construction and we couldn't figure out how to get back on the highway so we decided to go a different way. Using the goggle map on the iPhone...I found a street that went to I-15. I am so glad for this detour because we made a fabulous discovery.

Liberty Park!

Some say Liberty Park is the Central Park of Salt Lake. There is a pond, ducks, an amusement park, an all-abilities playground and The Seven Canyons Fountain with a children's wading pool and canyons for them to explore.

Also at this park is Tracy Aviary, a bird sanctuary with over 400 birds from 135 different species. Alex loves both birds and water so we can't wait to take him back to this park!

Here is a picture of Alex and Steve dressed alike. They are Rebel Rousers!! Go ARMY! Steve graduated from West Point 23 years ago this weekend!

* promised land = A longed-for place where complete satisfaction and happiness will be achieved.


  1. There's a guy in NYC who actually lived in IKEA this past year. Sounds fun, right?


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