Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bachelor Sean: Women Tell All

I'm not going to really  re-cap the show.  It's hard to do because there is so much back and forth.  It was an interesting show because Tierra was there and AshLee got to get some closure with Sean and I think she officially put the nail in the coffin of any hope that she'd be the next Bachelorette.


Tierra says that it's really hard to be her, because she lights up a room with her sparkle and bitches be hatin because they don't accept her for the shining star that she is.  She claims that she never said a bad word about anyone, to the best of her knowledge.  She did all of this with a straight face.  Her eyebrow backed her up and her forehead dent didn't show up. She has NO COMMENT about her fake/pretend fiance that she became engaged to in January.   I think she should win an emmy for best 'reality show acting'.


Sitting ten feet away from each other, you could still feel the chemistry between Des and Sean.  I was bummed to see that she's growing out her bangs because I just cut my bangs last week because of her.  I think ABC should make Desiree the next Bachelorette!


I realize that Sarah is the first handi-capable contestant on the show and breaking up is hard but I don't really know why she was on the hot seat.


AshLee is blonde now and is no longer in love with Sean because turned those feelings off....like a light switch. However, she is super confused about why Sean would tell her that he didn't have feelings for Lindsay and Catherine and that he only had eyes for her.  She thought she had this in the bag!  Sean, claimed that he NEVER said such a thing and that he would NEVER say such a thing because it simply isn't true.  When asked WHY he sent her home, he spoken the truth in the most delicate way he could.  AshLee has too much bagage.  Airlines, have less bagage then AshLee.  And he just couldn't see having a happy home/family while dragging all this sadness and neediness around. This is why AshLee should not be the next Bachelorette....because no man in his right mind wants a piece of that drama.

As for the final two ladies.....ABC gave Catherine the romantic, loving edit.  And they made Lindsay look like a loon.  Now, the big question is....who wrote the letter and does Sean get down on one knee?

What do you think?  Is AshLee telling the truth or is she living another life with the voices in her head? Does Tierra really sparkle and does she really have a fiance?  Will Sarah find love?


  1. I am so sad that The Bachelor is winding down and I won't have your witty recaps to look forward to. Can you pick another show to watch and pick apart for us? Pretty please!

  2. You have a way of saying pretty much everything I am thinking as I watch the show. I was going to comment to you through facebook as I watched last night but then I thought that would be mean cuz mimi wasn't watching til this morning & she was in on the link.

    Tierra is on hell-of-a hot mess. Man that girl is all sorts of effed up. AshLee seems so sweet & sincere but you could TOTALLY see that she was trying to get Sean in trouble, trying to convince him of something he seemed to honestly not know what she was talking about. Loved the commercial comeback where she was trying to convince him... ha! Also loved how much of a gentlemen Sean was when he switched it around & told her he was sorry she thought she heard him say things like that. LOL.

    I think Desiree as the next Bachelorette would be awesome, although would anyone really want to get in with her nut job brother??? Not sure I would willingly start dating someone who has that kind of crazy in their family.

  3. Aw, Myya, so sweet, you didn't spoil it for me!
    Tierra. She's faking. She's not engaged and if she is. OMG.
    I think Sarah will be the next Bachelorette and if anyone makes fun of her for being stupid people will automatically say they're intolerant of her nub.

  4. I wonder why Sean dumped AshLee. I don't think he would have taken her to Thailand based on what her parents said at the hometown date....I don't think he's that cruel. And I don't think Desi's crazy-ass brother was enough for Sean to dump her, either.

    I wonder if Sean really said those things or something similar. IDK......

    I think that either Leslie or Desi will be the next bachelorette.

    The only Bachelorette who came in second place was Trista, so I don't think that either Catherine or Lindsay will be it, either (whichever one comes in second place).


  5. AshLee's "Loon" most definitely came out...I was scared!! The only thing that sparkles about Tierra is her fake ring and poor Sarah is being put in the spotlight for the wrong reasons. I hope that she does find love but I would not like a season of her voice...it bugs me a bit. I am thinking it will be Des but they are going to have to get her bro under control :)

  6. I'm watching the finale now as I read blogs. :-) I agree, Des is the best bet for Bachelorette. AshLee is crazy, and I think she was lying. And I think Tierra's finace is fake as well.

  7. It is always interesting to see how people change after shows like this because most of the time they look 10 times better than they did on before. Tierra got on my nerves just as much as she ever did before Sean sent her home. She really is convinced that she didn’t do anything wrong and blames the issues on the fact that she got the first rose on the first night. Guess what Tierra – I think we’re over it. Oh and by the way, the fact that you’re already engaged says something about you but I’ll keep that to myself. I was telling my co-workers that Sean had to deal with one dose of crazy after another and that I feel bad for him. I’m pretty sure he didn’t come into this thinking that he would be made into someone’s shrink. Luckily he put on the breaks before he got himself into deep trouble.


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