Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bachelor Sean: Silver and Gold

THIS POST CONTAINS SPOILERS!  Lots and lots of spoilers.  Proceed at your own risk!

Every season that I blog The Bachelor, I feel like I've run a marathon!  I take exhaustive notes during the show and drink wine every single Monday.  It's a tough job but somebody's got to do it!

Sean and the ladies are still in Thailand but now they are joined by Seans parents, his sister Shay and her husband and children.  The kids are so cute!  They explain that they're here to help Uncle Seanie pick a girl and little Smith says, 'Emily didn't pick you!'  So funny!

They meet Catherine first.  She explains to Sean's Mother that Sean has taught her a lot about herself and she can actually be herself with him.  She wants great love! Her talk with Sean's Dad was very touching.  You can tell that he is a very sweet man and he asks thoughtful questions.  She tells him she wants a best friend for life and he tells her that she will have a family for life and that he'll treat her like his own daughter.  This was really a moving moment since we know that Catherine doesn't have a relationship with her own Dad right now.

Next is Lindsay, her hair looks darker to me.  The parents ask her the same questions but I don't feel like the answers are as deep or sincere as Catherine's were.  Lindsay plays the church card and tells Sean's Dad that she's been praying.  He tells her that they have been praying for Sean's wife since he was born and this makes all of us cry. I mean Lindsay, it makes Lindsay cry!  Lindsay breaks the mood by asking for Sean's hand in marriage.   Everyone is reunited and Sean's Dad jokingly says, 'okay, let's vote!'  He is a funny guy!

Sean talks to his Mom and explains that he's in love with both women and he doesn't know who to pick.  She encourages him NOT to propose if he doesn't know and that he can take more time.  She cries and Sean tells her that he is under contract by ABC to give a ring to someone will figure it out.  I wonder if he will go to Jared?

Sean ponders the dilemma he is in and wonders where his heart is going to tell him to go.  I think it's telling him to go to Jared.   BREAKING NEWS from Chris Harrison!  He has news from Sean that they have just learned in the last 24 hours!  Oh my gosh, what could it be?

Lindsay and Catherine get one more date each with Sean.  Lindsay gets a river rafting booze cruise and they light lanterns that say Love, Happiness and Family on them.  Catherine rides elephants and cuddles with Sean. They have a very hard time saying goodbye to each other and it's so painful not know what the next day brings.

Sean has made up his mind and is visited by Neil Lane NOT Jared.  He picks an amazing ring!

The ladies are getting ready for the big proposal.  One in Silver, one in Gold.  My husband breaks into song...Silver and Gold, Silver and Gold, everyone wishes for Silver and Gold.  Meanwhile, back in California....Chris Harrison is interviewing the losers and asking them who they think is going to be The One?  He talks to Bitter AshLee and all I hear is Blah, blah, blah.

Lindsay is the first to arrive and says this is the best day of her life.  She reaches Sean and he tells her that she is amazing and wonderful and he wants to give her his heart but it's leading him somewhere else.  But...he loves her.  WHAT?  Don't tell her that!  Lindsay whips her high-heeled shoes off and walks off but not before telling him that it's okay.  She's very gracious.  Sean runs after her and tries again to explain.

Sean goes back to the dock and waits.  Chris brings him a letter!  Who could it be from?  It's from Catherine and now he's scared thinking that she isn't coming but she is....she just wanted to make her feelings know to him one more time.

Catherine arrives and Sean doesn't waste any time telling her that she's the one for him.  They have had may unexpected, wonderful moments and she never ceases to amaze him.  He doesn't want to say goodbye to her anymore! He gets on one knee and pops the question....she says YES!  I'm crying.  Catherine is not.  I believe she is in shock!  He asks her if she's prepared to spend the rest of her life with him.  She says YES!  This feels like a Disney movie!  They ride off into the sunset on the back of an elephant.

The good news, that we learned at After The Final Rose is that these two are still going strong and she is moving to Dallas.  The big breaking news is that they are going to have their wedding on ABC!  YAY!!

I am now pleased to announce that the next Bachelorette is......Desiree!!  I'm so excited and happy for her.  I loved her since day one and if she can't be with Sean that I can't wait to see her as The Bachelorette!

I'm going to Dallas in a few weeks and I'm going to look for Sean!  Stay tuned....

EDITED:  Crap.  I guess I won't be stalking looking for Sean.  He's going on Dancing with the Stars which I PREDICTED on February 26th!!


  1. Fantastic recap, and I hated the final rose dresses! Seriously, whoever the wackadoo stylist was who chose those dresses should be *fired* Ugh! They both could have looked much better in prettier dresses (doh!)...

    SOOOOO happy about Desi. In spite of her circus tent living family, she was one of my favorites this season.

    Did you notice that ABC didn't focus on Catherine much this year? Weird, I tell ya. She looked scared this morning on GMA when they made the big announcement about Dancing with the Stars. Oh, my!!!!

    I cannot wait to see what kind of drinking game you come up with for that show! I'll be waiting....along with our wine refrigerator, LOL!


    1. I wonder if Catherine snuck up on the ABC producers. They must have had a connection that they didn't see coming otherwise we would see much more of her at the beginning.

  2. I SOOO wanted the big news to be that she's pregnant. How bad am I?!?!

  3. Love the "Silver and Gold" reference...AWESOME iKeith :) Thank you for another wonderful season of the Bachelor, your recaps are what make the show so much fun for me. This year I changed my approach part way through and would read your recaps before I watched the show. This took away all the stress for me of watching these people put themselves out there and not knowing what was going to happen. This has been my most relaxed and enjoyable season and it is all because of your hard work. So THANK YOU! I am excited for Des although I think Lindsey would have been fun too...if only he sent her home a week early. I can't wait to see how Des' brother does on this show!

    Thanks again Connie!!! Looking forward to the summer especially since Lent will be over:)

    1. You are so welcome!!

      I really do like Lindsay, maybe she's get the gig down the line.

  4. I feel like I ran the marathon with you, and I didn't lose a pound! Oh well, I had a blast! Your recaps totally make the show. Have you heard if we are getting a season of Bachelor Pad this summer?

    1. Thanks for joining me!

      I have NOT heard if there will be a bachelor pad. But I think I heard that The Bachelorette will be on this summer. Maybe they won't have one. It's kind of lame....

  5. This was the only episode I watched all season. I kind of felt like Catherine was personality-less. If that's even a word. Maybe it was because she was nervous about what was coming. I dunno. I didn't care for her much.

    I wanted so bad to watch the first few episodes when it's the most fun, but I knew I'd get sucked in and end up watching the whole season. Thanks for recapping the whole thing!


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