Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March Goals

February was a whirlwind of activity!  We had lots of plans and I became the PTA Summer Education Chair that resulted in tons of research and many meetings.  I'm excited for what we're planning and I think the kids will love it!

You will notice that many of my goals revolve around Dallas.  I'm going to the Big D and I mean Dallas for Spring Break.  My parents and my sister live there and my kids have never been to Grandma and Grandpa's house.  We are all super excited!

 February Goals:

[  ]Lose 4 pounds  Lost inches, but no weight
[X]Make Bread  Made over my Mom's Banana Bread recipe
[X]Post Smash Your Life pages  Done!
[X]Read 3 Books  A Good American, The End of Your Life Book Club, Here I Go Again
[X]Write in my food journal Done!
[  ]Run 10 times  Ran Two Times 

 March Goals:

[ ] Go Shopping with my Sister in Dallas
[ ] Have a blogger meet up in Dallas
[ ] Go to Fort Worth
[ ] Touch a cow
[ ] Lose 2 pounds
[ ] Complete Lose a Jean Size Workout 9 times
[ ] Run 7 Times
[ ] Make Pasta
[ ] Have Breakfast with Mom's from Mallory's Kindergarten Class
[ ] Become the PTA President

What are your goals this month?  


  1. Sounds like fun!!! March is a fun month!

  2. Inches far better than pounds! Great work!

  3. Hey you still did really good on those ones, losing inches are so much more important than pounds anyway! Great job!

  4. Man, when are you going to Dallas? I'm going to be there the weekend of Blissdom. So, so close!

  5. Your March goals make ME want to go to Dallas! And like the other girls said - inches are better than pounds, you go! :)

  6. i used to live near dallas... wish there was a blogger meetup near where i live!

  7. March sounds like it'll be a good month. Have fun in Dallas! Maybe we'll cross paths somewhere.

  8. Great job! I wonder if I actually wrote stuff down if I would commit more to them???

  9. Touch a cow?!?! I think this is the best goal I've ever read!

  10. You're very ambitious. Running sucks. I need to start doing more cardio but I literally hate it.

    The Nautical Owl

  11. I really should set some monthly goals-- but really have none.


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