Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What She Wore: Super Model Edition

I have some new outfits to show you......but I'm too busy breaking in my NEW BOOTS to post them.

Instead....I bring you, The Super Model.

My daughter has had an eye for fashion since she was old enough to pull all of her clothes out of her drawers!  She's got that skinny model body, long legs and sass!  

I spied this lovely coat in Children's Place over the weekend and I knew she had to have it.  Especially since it was marked down to $19.99.

I'm Better Than The Gap

It's totally her right?


  1. She IS better than the Gap!! SO CUTE!
    I found some comfy...but I didn't buy em...I'm too cheap.

  2. She rocks it!

    Like MiMI - I'm far too cheap to invest in a good pair of boots, but with everyone talking about them I kind of feel like I need to break down and make the purchase!

  3. I need new clothes!! why are cute kid clothes so affordable but adult cute stuff is over priced!? I love the jacket!! Def. better than GAP!! SASS A FRASS!!

  4. I die!! SO cute! she definitely rocks that!

  5. LOVE IT!! MY goodness she is adorable!!!



I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!