Tuesday, November 8, 2011

LEGO Winter Village

Hello friends and Impulsive Addict and Shawn! Today...I want to talk to you about something very dear to my heart.

LEGOS* for Mommy!

Over the weekend, we went to a LEGO store.  I'm usually not the least bit interested in this and just count the minutes until we can leave.  But this time.....I saw something I like.  A Christmas Village!

This village started in 2009 and the building from that year will be discontinued soon.  If you want this collection GET IT NOW!

Winter Toy Shop
Released: 2009
Pieces: 815
$59.99 at LEGO.com

Winter Village Bakery
Released: 2010
Pieces: 687
$54.99 at LEGO.com

Winter Village Post Office
Released: 2011
Pieces: 822
$69.99 at LEGO.com

* I have permission from my DANISH friend to call them LEGOS.  Did you know that LEGOS came from Denmark?  Well...they did.  And my friend Helle says I can call them LEGOS.

Because, really....who is ever playing with ONE lego?


  1. Oooohhhh I LOVE these! I only wish I could get them but Lil' C would eat them. As it is we have a hard enough time keeping the other legos away from her. Maybe when I grow up, although I really like the 2009 one :(

  2. Those are so cute. Christmas stuff is my favorite. I pretty much have to avoid Hobby Lobby until after Christmas or I will spend tons of money.

  3. Those are cute! However I'd never keep them away from Turbo, the Lego fanatic in our house.

  4. My aunt has an AMAZING Christmas village but it's not made out of LEGOS. In fact, it's some expensive shiz from a department store but I'm kinda digging the lego version. And it's much cheaper!

    Thanks for linking up! We love our awesome friends you know!

  5. Oh fun! Of course, I'd never be able to put them together...but that's what the kids are for (since they'll end up breaking them apart anyways).

  6. Those are super cool. And way more practical than the ceramic Christmas villages for families with small kids - my sister has several pieces of a village, but hasn't put them out for years because of small fingers that like to touch things and break them!! I should tell her about the Lego village!!

  7. OMG. I never knew they had these until I saw them on your FB.
    I really really wanna get those for my boys. They would LOOOVE it!

  8. I have always called them Legos not Lego...is that wrong?


  9. Oh I love the Legos Christmas village! I really want these, need to show hubby!

  10. Legos are fun, but stepping on one in your bare feet is the pits!

  11. Why did you show me that? I'm pretending I never saw it because I like that too much.

  12. those are kind of awesome! how creative!

  13. Well are you buying it or making it yourself? You know you have to have it!

    I don't get the LEGO not being LEGOS if there's more than one. That just sounds stupid to me. It's like Lexus, if you have more than one do you have Lexus's or Lexi?

    Thanks for linking up friend!


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